Why were Lara Flumiani and Peter Hunziker not at Below Deck Med Season 5 reunion?

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion did not include Peter Hunziker or Lara Flumiani.
Lara and Pete both played significant roles in the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 featured several jaw-dropping moments that kept fans talking all season. Viewers couldn’t wait for The Wellington crew to reunite in a virtual chat to dish about all of the hot topics that emerged from their time on the show.

Two people who played pivotal roles in the current season of Below Deck Med were Lara Flumiani and Peter Hunziker. However, they were both noticeably absent from the cast’s get-together to discuss the season.

So why were Lara and Pete not at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion? Let’s take a look.

Lara was not up for it

The tension between Lara and chief stew Hannah Ferrier kicked off the season. Lara was insubordinate, hateful, disgruntle, and even put her hands on Hannah.

Host Andy Cohen wasted no time bringing up the tension between Hannah and Lara, who quit after the first charter. It also ventured into the beginning of the drama between Hannah and Captain Sandy Yawn.

After recapping what went down with Lara, Andy revealed that she declined to be present at the reunion show. Andy shared that Lara said no because of the way she was portrayed on Below Deck Mediterranean.

It is not a surprise she opted out of the virtual chat. Lara didn’t seem thrilled to be on the Bravo show in the first place.

Pete’s absence was pretty obvious

Andy also brought up the elephant in the room, which was deckhand Pete and Bravo firing him for sharing a racist post.


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Bravo cut ties with Pete in mid-June, just two weeks after the season began airing on TV. Since the show had already been filmed, the network opted to edit the deckhand out of the footage.

It took a few weeks, but soon, viewers noticed that Pete was no longer featured. All storylines involving the deckhand were altered as well.

Occasionally, a glimpse of Pete would slip through the editing. Twitter soon began playing a drinking game to highlight those times Bravo showed Pete on-screen.

The Wellington crew weighed in on Pete’s firing, his racist post, and shared if anyone had talked to him. Viewers noticed the topic was dropped almost as quickly as Andy brought it up.

Fans were certainly not expecting Pete to be at the reunion but were also a little surprised that Andy even brought up the topic. It was a good thing, though.

Even though Lara Flumiani and Peter Hunziker were absent from the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 reunion, there were plenty of OMG moments without them.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Reunion Part 2 airs on Monday, October 26 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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