Why The Bachelor won’t air next week, here’s when the show will return

Jesse Palmer
The Bachelor will be taking a break next week. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 ended on a cliffhanger as Clayton inquired about potentially taking a rose back from one of the contestants. 

For The Bachelor viewers eager to see what Clayton does next, there will be a longer wait than normal as The Bachelor won’t be airing next week. 

The Bachelor is taking a break, but the good news is it won’t be too long before the show gets back to its regularly scheduled programming. 

Here’s why The Bachelor is taking a break. 

Why isn’t The Bachelor airing next week?

The Bachelor will be taking a backseat next week due to the NFL, which is host Jesse Palmer’s other passion. 

As the National Football League enters playoff season, an NFL wild-card playoff game will be airing Monday night on ABC during The Bachelor’s 8 pm time slot next week. 

Bachelor Nation won’t be able to tune in to the Los Angeles-based Bachelor mansion next week but can watch the fourth seed Los Angeles Rams face off against the fifth seed Arizona Cardinals during the pivotal wild card playoff game. 

When will The Bachelor Season 26 return? 

The Bachelor Season 26 is fortunately only taking a one-week break.

After the wild card playoff game next week, Clayton’s journey continues when the show returns the week after. 

The Bachelor Season 26 will officially be back on Monday, January 24th, at its regular time of 8/7c. 

As of now, next week should be the only break or delay of the season as ABC hasn’t confirmed any other disruptions to The Bachelor’s schedule. 

When The Bachelor returns, viewers will likely get some answers about the fate of villains such as Cassidy Timbrooks, who found herself in hot water at the end of the episode. 

Cassidy Timbrooks in hot water after latest episode

The Bachelor viewers will recall Cassidy’s calculated attempt to capture Clayton’s attention and become a villain among the women during episode two. 

Cassidy managed to get a rose during the group date, however, after word got out that she may have an ongoing relationship with another man, Cassidy’s time with Clayton could be cut short, especially as Clayton considers taking back a rose. 

Cassidy’s friend and fellow castmate Shanae Ankney also became disliked in the house after she had a rude and immature response to Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD

We’ll find out in two weeks how Cassidy and Shanae’s story unfolds. 

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24th at 8/7c on ABC. 

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