Why is the Below Deck Med Season 8 crew getting sick? Natalya Scudder and Tumi Mhlongo weigh in

Natalya Scudder and Tumi Mhlongo on Below Deck Med Season 8
The Mustique crew has been one sick bunch on Below Deck Med Season 8. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Med Season 8 crew has been dropping like flies over the past few episodes.

It seems someone from the Mustique crew gets sick each week and must go to the hospital.

Jessika Asai was the first to miss a charter due to stomach issues, which many Below Deck Med fans felt was really more of a hangover than sickness.

The most recent episode featured Haleigh Gorman being MIA on charter after needing to see a doctor.

Kyle Viljoen soon followed with a migraine, but he was able to come back to help with the guests.

When the show returns after the holiday break, Captain Sandy Yawn wants Lara Du Preez off the yacht because she isn’t feeling good.

So, what’s the deal with all the Below Deck Med sickness?

Natalya Scudder weighs in on Below Deck Med Season 8 sick crew

The other day, Natalya Scudder used Instagram to address and poke fun at the number of crew members getting sick this season. In a video, Natalya ate popcorn and wrote about three people going to the hospital on Below Deck Med Season 8.

Natalya’s video had humor, but her caption for the IG post was serious.

“All jokes aside working and filming is exhausting! We work non stop around the clock and go above and beyond to look after the guests and the vessel! Well done to my fellow cast mates for pushing on through 💪🏽,” she expressed.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum Lucy Edmunds popped up to comment on Natalya’s post, referencing her own drunk crew night out hangover experience.

“lol I literally fell out of my bed drunk hungover then worked but guess some people built different 😂,” Lucy stated.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Lucy commens on Natalya's IG
Pic credit: @natalyascudder_/Instagram

Natalya wasn’t the only Below Deck Med Season 8 crew member to comment on the sickness on the luxury yacht.

Below Deck Med star Tumi Mhlongo reacts to Season 8 crew sickness

Over on Twitter, Tumi has also responded to her colleagues heading to the hospital this season. Tumi replied to a Twitter user who remarked about another trip to the doctor and wondered what was happening with the crew.

“🤣 that was my question exactly! I felt punked,” Tumi responded.

Tumi felt punked tweet
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

The chief stew later sent out her own Tweet, writing, “People were dropping like flies this season it was crazy‼️”

Tumi sick crew comment
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

Season 8 of Below Deck Med winds down soon with less than a handful of episodes left, including the one where Lara has to go to the hospital.

Be sure to tune in to find out which crew member is the next to have a health issue.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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Sabrina Dean
Sabrina Dean
5 months ago

The best part of these shows are the reunions. We all get excited for them. Really disappointed no reunions .