Below Deck Med fans sound off on ‘no class’ charter guests and ‘fake’ sick Kyle Viljoen

Kyle Viljoen on Below Deck Med Season 8
Below Deck Med fans are over the latest charter guests and Kyle. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med fans had much to say about the most recent episode of Season 8 before the show went on break for a couple of weeks.

It was a doozy of an episode with deckhand Haleigh Gorman off the Mustique yacht for throwing up.

Then stew Kyle Viljoen was down for the count with a migraine, leaving the crew short-handed by two people heading into a new charter.

Things went from bad to worse for the Mustique crew when Captain Sandy Yawn revealed that repeat charter guest Billy Rodriguez from Season 7 was returning.

Billy and his group never left the dock during their Below Deck Med Season 7 stint and were beyond demanding with the crew.

The second time around was not the charm for Billy or his friends, who had Below Deck Med fans calling them out for their obnoxious behavior.

Below Deck Med fans sound off about ‘no class’ charter guests

“What did these no class guests expect Jack to make when they requested the extremely vague “gay breakfast”?  I didn’t know there were straight breakfasts and gay breakfasts. Idiots.” read a tweet.

Another Twitter user suggested Billy and his pals had no idea what good food was after they complained about several dishes chef Jack Luby made for them.

Oh yes, these guests like to complain, which was one hot topic on social media.

Billy’s friend Mathew was too much for Below Deck Med viewers and was put on blast for saying he could make rainbow pancakes.

“Is Matthew seriously being for real right now? How condescending and obnoxious.  🙄” said a different tweet about Mathew.

A tweet even suggested the group be left at customs after the user only watched a few minutes of the show.

One tweet questioned if Kyle was trying to avoid the group because he hooked up with one of them as his sudden migraine was suspicious.

Kyle Viljoen blasted for ‘fake’ sickness on Below Deck Med

Speaking of Kyle, social media let him have it for his illness. Several tweets called his being sick “fake,” with one taking aim at him for suggesting that he’s a celebrity of any kind.

“No Kyle, you’re not a celebrity. Just drink some water for God’s sakes,” wrote another user.

Another tweet pointed out that Kyle was extra and that’s something critics have been saying all season long about the stew.

“Who thinks Kyle really just wanted an excuse to be lazy and sleep?” read one tweet.

The speculation that Kyle wasn’t sick was all over social media, with the consensus being he wasn’t sick at all.

Only a handful of episodes remain in Below Deck Med Season 8. However, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, the hit yachting show is on hiatus for a couple of weeks, so the finale is still over a month away.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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