Why did Oliver Maier and RHONJ’s Danielle Staub split up?

Danielle Staub is no longer engaged to fiance Olivier Maier
RHONJ alum, Danielle Staub dishes on her broken engagement. Pic credit: Bravo

The third and final installment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired last night and Danielle Staub spoke about her broken engagement to Oliver Maier.

Back in 2019 –Staub, who’s been engaged 21 times –divulged to the Daily Dish about the issues that led to the demise of her engagement to the Duke of Provence.

She says, “It was really not a healthy relationship for me because it just reminded me that I do too much for people and then I end up really angry about it in the end because I expected people to do the same for me. I always want to do it first; that way I can say I don’t owe anybody anything… I’m just not open to it anymore. It’s too much energy and time away from my own life,”

Danielle Staub noted that several things caused an end to their whirlwind courtship, one being Olivier’s stint in rehab along with his ongoing health issues such as “multiple seizures.”

She expressed how much she tried to help her then-fiance, saying, “I did everything to save his life and make him well. And in the end, he’s got some problems that are too much for me to deal with,”

Staub added, “And just like everybody else… I meet people and I feel bad for them and I immediately want to help them. I did the same thing for him and the results were the same, same as everybody else. Nothing comes of it, so if I can do all that for other people, I’m just going to start doing it for myself rather than helping other people.”

The formerly engaged couple are not even on speaking terms right now, a decision Danielle has taken despite him reaching out to her.

She says, “I don’t have any interest in having even a cordial relationship with him — or anyone that’s taken value away from my life or time.”

Danielle spoke about the relationship at the RHONJ reunion

The 57-year-old made her debut last night as the season 10 reunion wrapped and caused quite a scene backstage– refusing to come out unless she was seated next to the host, Andy Cohen.

Eventually, Cohen convinced her to join the cast despite not getting her way with the seating situation.

Danielle dished on the contentious relationship between her and her castmates and touched on her broken engagement as well.

Staub bid her final goodbye to the show after nine seasons

The mom-of-two officially announced last night that she would never return to the show, where she has been a recurring cast member for several seasons.

Danielle first announced it back in January when she appeared on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

She informed the host, “I have, over the past 12 years and 10 seasons, been a part of this whole franchise, and I’ve been very happy to rally and stand on a platform and be here with all of you. But it is time for me to leave and do something that I want to do that makes my heart happy every day.”

Well, it’s the end of an era; and whether you love her or hate her, it’s hard to deny that the RHONJ alum has undoubtedly been a memorable character on the franchise.

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