Why did Cat leave Below Deck?

Cat Baugh on Below Deck Season 11
Cat exited Below Deck Season 11 early. Pic credit: Bravo

Cat Baugh left Below Deck on the most recent episode of the hit yachting show.

While Below Deck fans expected her departure from pretty much day one, how it went down was a bit of a surprise.

There’s no question that the stew has been struggling with the job and bonding with the St. David crew.

In fact, as Monsters and Critics reported, it was anticipated after the most recent crew night out that Cat would probably opt to leave as opposed to get fired.

That’s exactly what happened after Cat got a distress call from home and another lecture from Stew Xandi Olivier about Cat not doing her job properly.

Cat’s sudden and quick departure has raised some questions, like what finally caused her to leave.

Why did Cat leave Below Deck?

On the show, Cat didn’t reveal what was going on back home, prompting her to break down and leave the season early.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Captain Kerry Titheradge opened up about Cat’s exit, making it clear her mental health was all that mattered.

“I didn’t need to know what was going on. It didn’t matter what it was. To her, it was catastrophic. And that’s something else I’ve learned on my journey is that it’s real to that person who’s going through it. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t affect you or how insignificant it may seem. It’s real to them,” he expressed to the outlet.

Captain Kerry went on to say that he has spoken to Cat, and she’s doing better. However, watching herself on the show has been hard for her, so Captain Kerry has offered her support.

As of this writing, Cat has not spoken about her exit from Below Deck. Cat has barely even promoted her stint on the show, instead focusing on the happy things in her life today.

Perhaps Below Deck fans will get more insight into what happened that made Cat decide she needed to go home at the reunion. Well, if there’s a reunion, because we haven’t had one since Below Deck Sailing Yacht last summer.

X (formerly Twitter) was on fire after Cat left the St. David yacht.

Below Deck fans weigh in on Cat Baugh’s exit

“Cat was already an emotional wreck. Now, her friend called her being an emotional wreck about another friend being in distress. I sincerely hope everything is ok, but I also need this friend group to have at least one “strong friend.” #BelowDeck,” read one X.

The stew of putting her mental health first was praised and one hot topic on the social media platform.

Another brought Jared into the mix, admitting that Bosun Jared Woodin, whom Captain Kerry fired, and Cat may not have been great workers, but they each had a lot going on personally.

One X, though, called out Cat for texting while Barbie Pascual was once again working her butt off.

There was even a comment about the crew’s reaction to Cat leaving, considering she wasn’t that good at her job.

“It’s hilarious how some of the  crew acts like it’s some kind of disaster now that Cat, too, is gone. She never contributed anyyyything. Y’all will be fine. 🤣🤣 #BelowDeck,” said an X.

Cat Baugh has left Below Deck Season 11. The stew’s replacement has been revealed, too, and you can read all about her here.

What do you think of Cat’s exit?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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Theresa Vandever
Theresa Vandever
3 months ago

Thrilled she’s gone!! All she did was bawl and quite frankly that got old real fast. All you had to do was either just look at her or say boo and she’d start bawling. Good riddance if you ask me!!!