Gary King has shocking Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion

Gary Below Deck Sailing Yacht confessional
Gary had an reunion with a Below Deck Sailing Yacht castmate. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Gary King had a very unexpected and surprising reunion this week.

Ahead of Season 5 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Gary has been taking time to travel.

The other day, Gary took to his Instagram Stories to share he reunited with his Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 fling, Alli Dore.

Gary has been traveling all around Australia, and apparently, Alli carved out some time for him.

The two have a history after catching feelings for each other in Season 2, but in true Gary fashion, he messed it up by having sex with Deckand Sydney Zaruba.

It was a big mess because Sydney also had a thing for Gary, who kept saying they were just friends, only to have his flirty ways come out when drinking, which led to problems with Alli.

Despite the past drama, it was smiles all around for this Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion.

“Well this has been an absolute treat lovely see you again @allidoreporfavor,” he wrote across the picture.

Gary King and Alli Dore IG Story
Alli and Gary reunited in Australia. Pic credit: @king_gk/Instagram

That’s not the only Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion Gary has had in the past few weeks either.

Gary King reunites with two Below Deck Sailing Yacht fan favorites

In February, Gary was in Los Angeles, where he spent time with Captain Glenn Shephard and Chef Marcos Spaziani. The three men enjoyed a night out on the town, with Marcos sharing his happiness for the reunion on Instagram.

“Amazing to catch up with you guys !!! @capt_glennshephard and @king_gk Hope to see you guys soon ❤️❤️ #catchup #goodvibes #goodtimes #sailors #boysnigt #LA #CA #cheflife #funtimes,” the chef captaion the funny photo.

Gary popped up in the comments section of the IG post to share his excitement about hanging out with his pals.

“So good seeing you guys xoxo ❤️❤️,” he wrote.

Gary commented on Marcos IG post
Pic credit: @chefmarcospaziani/Instagram

It’s believed that Gary and Captain Glenn were in LA to film confessionals for the upcoming season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Here’s what we know about Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Captain Glenn recently teased Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5 by using a nice throwback photo to his days as a bosun.

Meanwhile, the jury is still out on just how big of a role Gary will have in the upcoming season because of the sexual assault allegations that came out after filming wrapped. Gary was removed from BravoCon after the claims made headlines.

We know Daisy Kelliher will be back for another season of the sailing show, so the aftermath of her falling out with Gary from Season 4 should be a pretty big storyline.

In other Below Deck news, some fans think another spin-off is in the works, and you can read all about that here.

What do you think of Gary and Alli’s little reunion?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-4 are streaming on Peacock.

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Audrey Stewart
Audrey Stewart
3 months ago

Gary King is a drunken predator who preys on women! He should not be asked back!