Who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 10 tonight? Purgatory elimination results

dee and jenny the challenge total madness
Dee and Jenny await the results on The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

The latest installment of The Challenge: Total Madness brought more cutthroat competition as the players continued their quest to make it to the finals.

Last week saw an epic Purgatory elimination featuring a battle for the ages. Johnny Bananas eliminated Wes Bergman to finally earn his Red Skull. For episode 10, it would be a female elimination, and several of the competitors still needed a Red Skull. That included Nany, Mattie, Melissa, and Bayleigh.

Which competitor would earn their way to the final? Here are details for who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 10 tonight.

New challenge, Tribunal members

The latest challenge involved two male and two female competitors each wearing harnesses and attached to a large pole on a moving tank.

Their objective was to grab flags as they moved down an obstacle course with smoke and things flying at them. Whoever got the most flags would become the winners and get into Tribunal.

Some of the competitors tried to help out each other to get them into the Tribunal. TJ disqualified those competitors. So Nany, Kyle, Rogan, Jenny, and Nelson were among those disqualified.

Cory and Josh were the top two male competitors. Mattie and Melissa were the top female competitors. It ended up being Josh and Melissa who won to get into Tribunal.

They picked Johnny Bananas to go into the Tribunal with them. Jenny was happy as she was looking to find a way to get rid of Dee and figured Bananas might help with that.

Elimination nominees

The losing competitors meet as a group to cast votes for an elimination nominee. Mattie volunteers to go into Purgatory and nobody stops her, so she’s the choice.

The Tribunal meets and chooses their three nominees to possibly send into Purgatory. They choose Bayleigh, Nany, and Dee Nguyen as their nominees. Melissa asks Johnny to promise not to send in Dee because it will ruin her game.

Josh tells Dee during interrogation that he’s seen her acting shady. Dee storms out and Josh is ticked off at her. Melissa asks him to promise not to say her name. He seems to agree.

Purgatory elimination results

Mattie joins TJ in Purgatory as the volunteer. Melissa votes for Bayleigh to go into Purgatory.

Bananas has the next vote. He jokes that he needs Rogan’s blessing to send in Dee. Rogan says sure. Josh makes it official. Melissa is shocked and calls them the biggest snakes.

They play Tunnel Vision for the elimination. There are two giant tunnels full of dirt. The competitors start at one end of the tunnel. TJ slams the lid shut on top and locks it. The competitors have to dig from one end to the other as fast as possible to ring a bell and win.

Mattie and Dee both dig furiously. It seems Dee has an advantage because she’s smaller than Mattie and can maneuver better inside. However, at one point she seems to have passed out.

Dee’s OK and makes it through, then rings the bell creating a nightmare for several guys who sent her into elimination.

She gets a second Red Skull and Mattie is going home now.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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