Who voted for Venus on Survivor 46 after Moriah lost her vote? Here’s what happened and why

Moriah Survivor 46
Moriah Gaynor from the Survivor 46 cast on the Siga Tribe. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 said goodbye to Moriah Gaynor during the latest episode.

Moriah became the unfortunate victim of an Earn the Merge Challenge that left an entire tribe safe from the Tribal Council.

The three remaining members of the Yanu Tribe were on the winning team for the Merge Challenge. It meant they would be safe, and the next person voted out would come from Siga or Nami.

At the Merge Feast, Moriah and Venus Vafa were the two names mentioned as sacrifices by the two tribes.

Venus caught wind of Moriah being an elimination target, and she tried to shift the target. The editing made it seem like people were almost ready to vote out Venus.

At the Tribal Council, much debate was had about how the vote should go, but Jeff Probst revealed one-sided results.

Moriah was voted out, but who voted for Venus?

Seeing the writing on the wall, Moriah used her Shot in the Dark at Tribal Council. It failed to save her, but using the Shot in the Dark also took away her vote.

Moriah was in a difficult spot at that point, but it turned out that most of the remaining castaways had it in for her. She was eliminated on a 10-1 vote as someone mysteriously voted against Venus.

It turns out that Charlie Davis voted against Venus, fearing that he could be targeted and be at risk if Moriah was successful with her Shot in the Dark.

“Everyone told me she was saying my name,” Charlie posted on social media as one of the reasons he voted for Venus.

“I knew Mo was playing her SITD way before Venus. Who told me? MO DID. So, to protect myself and Maria from a ricochet vote (ala J. Maya), I voted for the person saying my name up and down the beach. That’s it,” Charlie elaborated.

It makes sense. Charlie knew Venus had brought up his name at camp, so voting against her was strategic. It was unnecessary, but he couldn’t have known that earlier.

Charlie Tweet Survivor
Charlie Davis posted about his Survivor 46 vote. Pic credit: @CharlieLDavis/X

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Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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smart move, charlie.