Jem from Survivor 46 pleads with people to stop harassing her castmates and explains why she didn’t play her Idol

Jem From Survivor 46
The Survivor 46 cast featured Siga Tribe member Jem Hussain-Adams. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Jem Hussain-Adams left Survivor 46 with an Immunity Idol in her pocket, failing to see a blindside coming from her tribe.

After returning to the real world, Jem has been blindsided by social media users lashing out at Survivor 46 cast members. Especially those people who voted her out.

One tribe was setting records in Fiji, with the Yanu Tribe going the longest without a flint.

Jem’s tribe made it the longest intact, taking all six members to the Day 11 Tribal Council.

But a plot had been hatched to eliminate Jem, and she was voted out 4-2 with a secret Immunity Idol still in her possession.

It left Jem one episode short of making it to the “earn the merge” portion of the season.

Jem frustrated by online treatment of fellow Survivor 46 alums

Jess Chong recently addressed Survivor fans, who called her “useless.” She was the second person eliminated from the season and has been inundated with disrespectful messages online.

She’s not the only Survivor 46 alum going through negative treatment online, but Jem felt it was time to reach out to her social media followers. It was also likely due to some fans being frustrated with how she was blindsided.

“I can separate game from real life! Please don’t harass my cast mates. Life is hard enough. We went to play a game and it didn’t work out for me! Love you all!” Jem wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Jem may have been “salty” about getting eliminated so early, but she also doesn’t want viewers lashing out at the people who voted against her (like Charlie Davis).

Jem Tweet Survivor 46
Jem leaves a note for Survivor fans. Pic credit: @jem_hu_adams/X

Why did Jem not play her Immunity Idol?

Jem worked hard to get her Hidden Immunity Idol, but she didn’t see the danger until it was too late. It led to Survivor fans asking why she didn’t play it, and Jem has some answers.

Jem posted a lengthy note to her social media followers (shared below), where she thanked everyone for their support and explained what went wrong.

“Living with 5 other people for 11 days before going to tribal is tough because you build genuine connections and share intimate stories. I truly believed in Charlie’s Angels and hence why I didn’t play my idol,” Jem said, in part.

“NOBODY was EVER on to me no matter what was showed to you. They just couldn’t prove it was me. Else they would’ve split the vote,” Jem wrote about having the Immunity Idol.

“Thank you all for your support on this crazy journey! I’m grateful for the opportunity to go out there and play my little heart out and would still say I had the best time on SURVIVOR!” Jem ended her note.

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Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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