Who is Will Arnett on LEGO Masters? Host debuts new show on FOX

Will And Terry
Host Will Arnett and guest star Terry Crews watch a contestant on LEGO Masters. Pic credit: FOX

LEGO Masters host Will Arnett will finally get to see his new show debut tonight on FOX. The first episode will air after an all-new episode of The Masked Singer.

From the early previews for the new reality competition show, LEGO Masters looks like a family-friendly installment that should fit very well with The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights.

The competition itself seems easy enough, with people competing to build the best LEGO creations each episode in an effort to stay on the show. And it looks like the losers might have their creations met with a bat held by Arnett.

Who is Will Arnett on LEGO Masters?

Arnett is going to be serving as the host and you can bet that there is a product tie-in to his appearance here. His connection to the world of LEGOs comes from three movies that he has now starred in.

In The LEGO Movie from 2014, Arnett voiced Batman in a really amusing role. He did so well that they gave him a stand-alone movie — with The LEGO Batman Movie hitting theaters in 2017.

Arnett would return again as Batman in the 2019 film The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. All three films did quite well at the box office — making it unsurprising that they would try to spin this into a television show.

More Will Arnett movies and TV shows

Arnett has quite a few acting credits to his name, but outside of voicing Batman, he might be best known for his role as Gob Bluth on Arrested Development. Since the show aired for so long and was brought back, it’s something that he continues to be linked to.

He is also the voice of BoJack Horseman, has appeared in the two new live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, and has The LEGO Batman Movie 2 in the works.

Other projects he has worked on include Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Nut Job, and the TV show The Millers.

Even though he has appeared as himself on a number of projects, Arnett is making a really good living as a voice actor and that should only continue with the success that a lot of his recent projects have had.

Now, Arnett will take a turn as a reality competition show host, with FOX hoping that LEGO Masters is something that will catch on with viewers. Make sure to tune in for the series premiere on February 5.

LEGO Masters airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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