Who is the White Tiger on The Masked Singer? Panel guesses Gronk, Fabio and Joe Manganiello

The White Tiger gives clues to his identity on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: FOX
The White Tiger gives clues to his identity on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: FOX

The Masked Singer may have eliminated Miss Monster from the competition, but there are still three more singers from this first wave going on to the next round and the White Tiger is among them.

The White Tiger is probably just as surprised as we are that he’s still in this competition. He may not be the best singer on the show, but the White Tiger admits he’s always known how to work a crowd. 

Viewers can probably guess that White Tiger likes to party, especially given his enthusiastically corny dance moves and sing-a-long party anthems. This week, contestant clue packages featured testimonials from key witnesses and White Tiger’s buddy can attest to the cat’s dedication to having a good time.

The White Tiger beats the odds and moves on

The mystery man tells a story about a night out with his then college roommate, the White Tiger. They went out to a club and met some smokin’ hot ladies.

To gain an advantage over the other guys, White Tiger told the women that he and his buddy were professional exotic dancers. Together they made up an on-the-spot dance routine that had the ladies cheering them on. 

A few other clues stood out in the package, including a heads up quarter, butter packets (or pats of butter, hmm…), a phone off the hook, and the roommate sporting two foam #1 hands. 

Former clues and the White Tiger’s mannerisms seem to indicate his secret identity is former New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski. This is the leading theory among internet fans and The Masked Singer panelist Jenny McCarthy.

Nicole Scherzinger disagrees, saying it’s too obvious, and instead opted for actual Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello. Ken Jeong, true to form, guessed I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spokesperson Fabio because of the butter packets.

The internet thinks the White Tiger must be Gronk

There are hints that the White Tiger could be a wrestler or boxer. Someone up there has to be a football player and who wins more Super Bowls than the Pats?


With the way that he moves and sort of sings, quite a few people are convinced that the White Tiger is Rob Gronkowski.

At this point, Twitter isn’t even asking if it could be Gronk. They’re just calling the White Tiger Gronk at this point. If it’s anybody else under that mask, viewers will be in shock.

Whoever the White Tiger is, he definitely knows how to have a good time. He’s definitely can’t sing and absolutely can’t dance on beat, but he’s undoubtedly the life of the party.

The White Tiger won out against Lil’ Wayne, Drew Carey, and the Queen of Funk Chaka Khan to go on to the next round of the competition, with the Turtle and the Kangaroo joining him from group A. 

The Masked Singer air Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX. 

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