Who is the new deckhand on Below Deck?

Abbi leaves Below Deck who is her replacement.
Captain Lee calls in a new deckhand to replace Abbi. Pic credit: BravoTV

Abbi Murphy’s not so shocking exit from Below Deck has fans debating. They want to know — who is the new deckhand?

After getting engaged via a text message and realizing yacht life is different than sailing life, Abbi decided to leave the Valor.

Ashton Pienaar looked surprised at her request to leave but was he really? She certainly was not pulling her weight and had several issues during the first three charters.

Captain Lee Rosbach was not thrilled with Abbi leaving. His response was more about being shorthanded than losing Abbi as a deckhand. He had issues with her from the beginning. Abbi was constantly losing her radio or holding the button so no one could communicate.

Ashton and Captain Lee wasted no time getting Abbi off the boat once it docked. She was taken back by how quickly she was booted off the Valor.

Kate put it best. When you stop working on a boat, they tend to not let you live there anymore.

Captain Lee immediately placed a call to find the perfect person to join the crew. The Valor is in Thailand. Therefore getting someone new there in time for the next charter was going to be a challenge.

However, based on the phone call a new deckhand is on his or her way. They are expected to be on the boat before the next charter guests arrive.

The question remains, who did Captain Lee call in to replace Abbi. It is someone the famous captain is fond of because he chuckled during the phone call. He does not do that for just anyone.

Perhaps the biggest clue regarding who might be joining the deck team of the Valor is Ashton’s reaction in the preview for next week’s episode.

Caption Lee informs his bosun that a new deckhand will be arriving shortly. Ashton asks to see her CV in the promo, but Captain Lee tells Ashton he already knows it.

The look on Ashton’s face has many discussion boards and social media believing Rhylee Gerber is the replacement. There is no question Rhylee and her attitude would bring some serious drama to the Bravo show.

Other possible replacements are Tyler Rowland and Ross Inia. However, there are two reasons it is unlikely that either Ross or Tyler is the new deckhand.

One is in the preview Ashton says “her” in the conversation, alluding to him knowing the replacement is a female.

The second reason is speculation. Several Twitter users have expressed production no longer allows co-ed bunking. Reports of that have not been confirmed but if it is true then the new addition has to be a female.

There is one thing crystal clear from the preview. Whoever joins the Valor as the new deckhand is a person Ashton is not thrilled to be working with again.

Who do you think is the new deckhand, Rhylee, Tyler, Ross or someone else?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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