Who is Pickle on The Masked Singer? Clues arrive for Season 10’s Wild Card celeb

pickle from the masked singer season 10
Who is Pickle on The Masked Singer? Many fans think they know the celeb’s identity. Pic credit: Hulu

The Masked Singer returned for their special NFL Night, which featured players attending the show, including former contestant Le’Veon Bell.

It also featured the introduction of a brand-new character they called a Wild Card, with the tall, green Pickle arriving on the stage for a performance.

The newest contestant joined Cow, S’More, Gazelle, and Diver, the second character to get unmasked for Season 10 after Rubber Ducky.

Pickle will move on to the next episode after their performance was enough to get them more votes than Diver’s second time on stage.

However, many different guesses have been put out there by judges and viewers about the newest mystery contestant’s identity.

Among them are well-known comedians, actors, and a legendary shock jock radio host, a popular pick made by one judge and many viewers.

Pickle’s performance and clues on Wild Card night

The Masked Singer added a Wild Card to the competition, in the spirit of the NFL, which features Wild Card Playoffs games each postseason. That brought Pickle into the venue to perform.

The character somewhat resembled the famous Mr. Peanut, wearing a tophat and carrying a cane or walking stick with a purple diamond at the end. However, as one might expect, Pickle was a bigger, green version of the tasty snack made from cucumbers.

His costume was almost entirely done in shades of green and featured a sparkly green coat or cape. With a noticeable torso and bumps all over him, Pickle also had a huge smile showing his all-white teeth.

“I love him so much,” Jenny McCarthy said during Pickle’s initial entrance, with host Nick Cannon saying it might be his “favorite costume ever.”

His song of choice was the classic Pinball Wizard by The Who. While Pickle didn’t have the best vocal range or dance moves, he did enough to keep himself in the game.

Ahead of Pickle’s fun performance, a clue package arrived, giving viewers and the judges some early hints at who might be in the green costume.

The character was shown at a school featuring a locker room with a Joker card. Pickle revealed that in school, teachers thought he was just a “hyperactive kid who was only interested in sports” and “was a bad boy with no future.”

A microphone and headphones were displayed on a desk in a classroom, suggesting they were clues that had to do with the celeb’s profession or current side hustle.

Pickle said once they discovered their passion, he became “laser-focused” and achieved “massive success.”

“Rubbing elbows with some of the most famous people on Earth,” the character revealed during his segment.

Large headshot photos of actors Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorcese were shown next to another of actor and comedian Martin Short.

Pickle said their mouth still gets them “into beef” but added, “that hyper-disruptive kid become a super-successful, hyper-disruptive adult.”

Who is Pickle on The Masked Singer Season 10?

A revealing clue arrived after Pickle’s performance ended, with the NFL players on stage lifting the lid off a barbeque grill to reveal a flashing “ON AIR” sign.

“When I speak, people listen,” Pickle said about the clue, adding, “I get paid a lot to talk, so pay attention.”

Pickle also said they knew each of the judges, just a little bit differently. He also playfully slapped Nick on the backside, saying he had that “B-P-E…Big Pickle Energy.”

Robin Thicke said the microphone and headphones got him thinking it was someone who hosted a talk show or podcast. He speculated it could be Craig Kilborn or Dax Shepard, host of Armchair Experts.

Jenny suggested that Pickle was tall, so she thought it might be a talk show host like Conan O’Brien, who has rubbed elbows with all the famous people in the headshots. In addition to talking to guests on his show, O’Brien was a writer at Saturday Night Live, where Martin Short has also been a cast member.

Ken speculated that shock jock radio host Howard Stern was in that costume. Pickle’s on-stage antics may have been good clues that it was Stern in the suit, although the other comedian-hosts mentioned could also make sense.

“Only Howard Stern would smack me on my a** up here,” Nick said.

However, a popular guess that is swirling online is actor Michael Rappaport. He has a podcast called I Am Rappaport, and per the New York Post, Scorcese is one of his all-time favorite guests.

Rappaport also played Dick Ritchie in Tarentino’s True Romance and appeared in Only Murders in the Building Season 2, which stars Short with Steve Martin and Selena Gomez. Those all seem to connect with the “hyper-disruptive” actor who’s also passionate about sports.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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9 months ago

My guess is Michael Strahan, the host of $100,000 pyramid. The gap in the pickles mouth and the fact he kept mentioning Ken’s name over and over again who was a guest on the game show is why I came up with that guess.