Who is Mayim Bialik on LEGO Masters? She guest judges on Episode 2

The LEGO Judges
The USA LEGO Masters judges will be joined by Mayim Bialik on Episode 2. Pic credit: FOX

LEGO Masters Episode 2 will feature Mayim Bialik. The new episode takes place on Wednesday, February 12, following a new installment of The Masked Singer.

This has become a good combination of reality competition shows on Wednesday nights for the network, as The Masked Singer is the lead-in show for the Will Arnett vehicle.

Yes, that’s the same Will Arnett who starred in LEGO Batman Movie and as the character on two other blockbuster hits based on LEGO.

The purpose of the show is to have competitors build new LEGO creations each week based on a theme. During the season premiere, the theme was an amusement park, with each duo building a park ride.

Now, LEGO Masters returns with Episode 2, and the theme this time is space.

In the preview below, host Will Arnett jokes about the theme before destroying a LEGO creation:

Mayim Bialik on LEGO Masters

Each week on the show, Will Arnett is going to have judges on hand to help him decide who advances and who goes home.

LEGO experts Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard were on hand to help with the season premiere. From this point on, they will also be joined by a celebrity judge each week.

The first celebrity judge to appear on an episode of LEGO Masters will be actress Mayim Bialik. She is now best known for her starring role in The Big Bang Theory, but before that, she appeared on Blossom and as the younger version of Bette Midler in Beaches.

Below is a LEGO Masters preview that features Bialik:

Some television viewers and moviegoers might not realize that Bialik is more than just an actress. She is also a neuroscientist with a degree from UCLA to back it up.

Bialik is also a published author with two kids.

Just from the early previews and sneak peeks at Episode 2 of LEGO Masters, it looks like she is going to have a lot of fun during her appearance. That should definitely translate to an even more enjoyable episode for everyone watching at home.

LEGO Masters recap

The season premiere didn’t lead to someone getting sent home. Instead, they allowed all 10 duos to remain on the show. It served as an episode where viewers got to know the competitors, and everyone is back for at least one more episode.

Beginning with the February 12 episode, duos will start getting eliminated, and the show will work its way to deciding upon a LEGO Master during the season finale.

LEGO Masters airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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