Who is Krystal on Black Ink Crew? New tattoo artist poses threat to Tati and Teddy’s relationship

Krystal on Black Ink Crew
Krystal is impressing everyone on Black Ink Crew, especially the men. Pic credit: VH1

There’s a new tattoo artist on Black Ink Crew and she’s impressing everyone in the shop with both her beauty and her tattoo skills. So who is Krystal, who had Ceaser thinking he might get a date and who VH1 has already teased might be a threat to Teddy and Tati’s relationship?

With Donna and Alex gone, Black Ink needs at least one new artist and it looks like they found her when Krystal came walking into the shop. At first, Ceaser thought she was going to be a new client but it turned out she was there for a test run and she impressed everyone with her ability to put down some fresh ink.

Even fans of the VH1 series seem impressed with Krystal and it shows in the comments section of her Instagram, where’s very active. She’s shared pictures of herself both on the Black Ink Crew set and off and she also regularly shares her own work.

Krystal shares a lot of black and white tattoos with her fans but it’s clear that she can execute color well too. She’s also really good when it comes to freehand tattoos, proving that she’s got both beauty and a lot of talent.

It looks like she’ll be bringing some drama to the show as well. In a recent Black Ink Crew sneak peek, we see Tati confront Teddy after he goes out to dinner with Krystal. He swears it’s all business but is it?

With all the drama surrounding the Black Ink studio getting vandalized last week, it would be easy for Krystal to get lost in the mix but don’t count on it. It looks like she’s going to be a big part of the storyline from here on out.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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