Who is Cashay Proudfoot on The Challenge: USA and where can you find her on Instagram?

cashay proudfoot on the challenge usa spinoff show
Love Island star Cashay Proudfoot is on The Challenge: USA spinoff show. Pic credit: CBS

Cashay Proudfoot is on The Challenge: USA as one of the many reality TV stars vying for a chance to win big money in TJ Lavin’s final. She’s one of several cast members from Love Island, CBS’ former dating show that has since moved to Peacock.

Cashay is there with some of her show’s castmates, including her ex-boyfriend, making it a more challenging experience for her in the competition series.

Here are more details about Cashay Proudfoot on The Challenge spinoff and where to find her on social media platforms, including Instagram.

Who is Cashay Proudfoot on The Challenge: USA?

Cashay Proudfoot is a 26-year-old waitress and reality TV star from Brooklyn, New York. She originally appeared on CBS’ Love Island USA Season 3.

During her season on the reality TV dating show, she partnered up with several male castmates, including Christian Longnecker, Isaiah Harmison, and Cinco Holland. Cashay ended up getting dumped on Day 32 of the show. Her split from Cinco also created some issues heading into their new reality show.

The breakup involving Cashay and Cinco came up several times during promotional clips and the first few episodes of The Challenge spinoff.

Her other castmates on Love Island USA 3 included Javonny Vega and Shannon St. Clair. They are also her castmates on The Challenge: USA, as are Love Island’s Kyra Green, Justine Ndiba, Cely Vazquez, and Cashel Barnett. That gives Cashay some strong allies in the game.

She appeared in several promotional videos for the spinoff show, which introduced the Love Island stars. In one promo video, Cashay mentioned she once dislocated her knee doing the WAP dance. Her pet peeve is when anyone ignores her.

“Man up. Woman up. Boss up, and talk to me,” she said in part of the video (below).

She said her personal mantra is “It’s a good day to have a good day,” and having a good day is all about deciding to do so.

In another promotional video, Cashay revealed her strengths and weaknesses. A strength is she gets along with anyone in a room. However, her weakness is she’s loyal to a fault and tries to see the best in everyone. Cashay mentioned she’s not one for playing games, which is what The Challenge is all about.

Luckily, she’ll have multiple Love Island castmates during her time on the competition series, which could go a long way towards her surviving in the game.

Where can you find Cashay on Instagram?

Cashay Proudfoot is on Instagram with the handle @cashayproudfoot, where she currently has 358,000 followers. In her bio, she lists herself as a dancer, actor, and “Twerk enthusiast.”

Interestingly, Cashay is one of the few cast members on The Challenge: USA who didn’t share their official cast photo or any other posts about the show.

However, she’s shared numerous other IG posts, including bikini images, photos of her out enjoying her life, and videos from her workout sessions.

Even though she didn’t promote her appearance on The Challenge: USA on her Instagram page, she has been actively posting about it on her IG Story.

As Episode 2 arrived, Cashay linked up with a few of her castmates, including Love Island’s Shannon St. Clair and Amazing Race star Cayla Lee Platt.

cashay proudfoot with shannon st clair and cayla lee platt
Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

In addition to Instagram, Cashay is on Twitter with the handle @cashayproudfoot, where she has over 12,000 followers.

She’s also active on the platform, sharing her thoughts about The Challenge: USA, including this recent tweet ahead of Episode 2’s daily challenge.

Fans will eagerly watch Cashay Proudfoot on The Challenge spinoff to see how she and the rest of the Love Island stars will fare during the intense competition series.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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