Who is Ben Driebergen on Survivor: Winners at War cast?

Ben Wins Survivor
Ben Driebergen won Survivor 35 over Chrissy Hofbeck in fall 2017. Pic credit: CBS

Ben Driebergen will appear on Survivor 40 this spring and he wants to prove that he can win the show for a second time.

The Survivor: Winners at War cast is comprised of 20 former winners — all hoping that they have what it takes to win that grand prize for a second time.

Sandra Diaz-Twine — the only Survivor contestant to win the show two times — is trying for her third title.

Who is Ben Driebergen on Survivor: Winners at War cast?

Ben played on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. This was Season 35 of the show and it aired during the fall of 2017. They played in Fiji and it brought an interesting theme to CBS viewers.

The 18 new players to the season were split into three tribes that represented Heroes (courage), Healers (compassion), and Hustlers (tenacity).

Ben was placed on the Heroes Tribe — which was also called Levu. So was Chrissy Hofbeck, who ended up finishing second place for the season.

Ben won Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers by a 5-2-1 vote over Chrissy and Ryan Ulrich. But it also included a lot of controversy among viewers and former castaways.

When the Survivor 35 cast was down to just four people, an alliance of Chrissy, Ryan, and Devon Pinto was ready to send Ben packing at Tribal Council. But host Jeff Probst presented a twist that saved him.

Through that twist, the winner of the final Immunity Challenge got to pick someone to go to the final three with them. The other two castaways would then have to compete in a fire-making challenge to decide on that third spot.

Ben built his fire quicker than Devon, made it to the final three, and then got the votes of the Survivor 35 jury to win the $1 million prize. Since it was a new twist, it caught viewers off guard, and it has stuck with Ben to this day.

Ben Driebergen returns for Survivor: Winners at War

Ben — the veteran Marine and Survivor 35 winner — is back to prove that he can compete against some of the best players the game has seen.

Will his game hold up against people like Jeremy Collins, Rob Mariano, Nick Wilson, and Kim Spradlin? He certainly thinks so.

Viewers can find out how Ben stacks up against 19 other former winners when the Survivor 40 season premiere airs on February 12. It’s a two-hour installment to get things going and re-introduce the cast members to the CBS audience.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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