Who are Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon Mcinnis on the latest 90 Day Fiance spinoff Love in Paradise: The Caribbean

Aryanna and Sherlon
Aryanna and Sherlon’s vacation romance got a lot more complicated, and their relationship challenges are highlighted on the new 90 Day Fiance spinoff Love in Paradise: The Caribbean. Pic credit: TLC

25-year-old Aryanna and 35-year-old Sherlon’s Jamaican vacation romance took an unexpected turn when Aryanna found out she was pregnant a month after returning to America. Their relationship efforts and drama will be highlighted on the premiere season of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story.

She is hoping that Sherlon will come to America on a K-1 visa to start a life with her as the partner and father she envisioned him to be based on the brief amount of time they spent together.

Aryanna and Sherlon have interesting histories, and it will be entertaining for viewers to find out how everything will go down and work out, or not, during this hot new Discovery+ show.

Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon Mcinnis lived very different lives before getting together

Aryanna is from Illinois and went through a fitness journey where she lost 100 lbs before embarking on the Jamaican vacation with her sister, where she met Sherlon.

Sherlon works on his father’s tourist boat and has a second, much more spicy job working at a swingers resort where he would often dabble with the guests.

They met when Sherlon caught Aryanna’s eye while working on the tourist boat, and she and her sister took the tour. After that, they were inseparable for the next two days of her stay.

After finding out she was pregnant after returning to America, however, Aryanna has been disappointed that Sherlon is not proactive about taking the necessary steps to begin the K-1 visa process even though their baby is due in three months.

Sherlon and Aryanna
Sherlon and Aryanna have a road of difficult but necessary choices in front of them since they have a baby on the way. Pic credit: TLC

Aryanna plans on going down to Jamaica to figure out all the unknowns with Sherlon ahead of delivering their son.

Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon Mcinnis are active on social media

On Instagram, Aryanna has over 3,000 followers and mainly posts selfies and the progress of her fitness journey. Fans can find her on Instagram at @aryanna.sierra.

Sherlon only has 99 followers, but he does post views of Jamaica and a few selfies. His Instagram handle, @littlereeferwatersports, appears to promote his dad’s boat tour business.

Aryanna and Sherlon follow each other on Instagram, but only Sherlon has a picture of them together from July 2020 on his page.

New Episodes of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story air Sundays Discovery+.

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