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Whitney Rose calls Lisa Barlow and Jen Shah the biggest ‘pot stirrers’ on RHOSLC

Whitney Rose reveals Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow as the biggest pot stirrers on RHOSL
Whitney Rose calls Lisa Barlow and Jen Shah pot stirrers. Pic credit: Fred Hayes/Chad Kirkland/Bravo

The highly anticipated Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has finally premiered, and it did not disappoint.

With only one episode under its belt, the show has already given us plenty to talk about, and we can hardly wait to see what else these fabulous women have in store.

So far, we have only seen a tiny glimpse into the women’s lives and we’re already starting the see the dominant personalities.

Two of the names that stood out from episode one are Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow.

And, now we may know why.

According to their castmate Whitney Rose, these are the two biggest pot stirrers on RHOSLC.

Whitney says Jen Shah needs to be the center of attention

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Whitney Rose dished about the newest Housewives franchise and her castmates in general.

During one segment, she was asked a series of rapid-fire questions about the RHOSLC women.

When asked who was the biggest pot-stirrer on the show, the first name that came out was Jen Shah, but she also named Lisa Barlow as another pot-stirrer.

Whitney says, “I’ve gotta answer this two ways. I’ve gotta say who’s the obvious one and who does things behind the scenes.”

And the new Bravo alum says the obvious one is Jen Shah. She is an “In your face pot-stirrer, because she cannot stand to not be the center of attention.”

Rose tells the media outlet that, “Jen’s a big personality! And I love attention, obviously, all six of us do. We’re on a Housewives show. But it’s difficult for Jen when the spotlight moves to other people.”

Lisa Barlow does things behind the scenes

During the interview, the blond beauty shares that another pot-stirring cast member on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is Lisa Barlow.

Although, her strategy is to be less obvious than her castmate, Jen Shah.

“Behind the scenes, I would say Lisa Barlow, although she’s gonna deny it,” confesses Whitney. “Cause she loves to pull everyone off one on one and manage and be the boss of everything .”

As for who will surprise viewers the most on the show, Whitney says, “I hope it’s me!”

However, she admits that the cast member who surprised her the most was Meredith Marks.

“I didn’t expect to build such a great connection with Meredith,” admits Whitney. “She is someone who I really look up to and she and I look out for each other.”

However, the reality TV personality says it will take some time for viewers to see the blossoming friendship between the two.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.