Where was Below Deck Adventure filmed?

Michael Gilman on Below Deck Adventure Season 1
Below Deck Adventure has a stunning new location for the Below Deck franchise. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Adventure’s few episodes with the cold-water spin on the hit yachting franchise added an intriguing element for viewers.

There’s no question that Below Deck Adventure is unlike any of the other shows in the franchise.

Captain Kerry Titheradge has already discussed the challenges of the location, especially when it comes to anchoring.

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Less than a handful of episodes of the new spin-off have aired, but the cold, beautiful location has become one hot topic.

It’s no secret that Below Deck Adventure was filmed in Norway.

The question is where and when was it filmed exactly. Let’s take a look.

When and where was Below Deck Adventure Season 1 filmed?

The new Below Deck spin-off was reportedly filmed in Møre og Romsdal in Western Norway. According to TripAdvisor, the area is “a land of rich and rugged terrain, including steep mountains, rolling valleys, many islands, some of the country’s longest waterfalls and, of course, the deep fjords that make the area so famous.”

Season 1 of Below Deck Adventure was filmed mostly near the town of Ålesund. Other areas where the show was filmed include the Seven Sisters Waterfall and Geirangerfjord, considered part of ​the fjords of Norway.

The location allows charter guests to do never-before-scene excursions on Below Deck. Instead of beach picnics, the guests do activities like cave expeditions. Zip lining’s another activity that Below Deck Adventure viewers can expect to see on the show, as the temperatures are too cold to sit around on a beach.

As for when the first season was filmed, it was reportedly in the summer of 2021, not too long after Bravo announced the new spin-off. Viewers have seen that it’s daylight out until the wee hours of the night, another indication that it was the summertime.

The OG Below Deck tends to film in the winter, while Below Deck Down Under has filmed in the spring, and the rest of the franchise films in the summer.

Below Deck Adventure opinions and news

Although only a few episodes have aired, Below Deck Adventure viewers have formed quite a few opinions about the show. Many of them weren’t thrilled with deckhand Kyle Dickard ahead of his exit upon Captain Kerry hearing Kyle threatened Nathan Morley.

Bosun Lewis Lupton came under fire from fans who weren’t happy with his reaction to Kyle leaving. When it comes to the interior team, chief stew Faye Clarke has earned props so far, while Oriana Schneps came across as difficult.

Kasie Faddah revealed she got some backlash after the premiere as she took on the trolls. Plus, it turns out that Oriana has been dating a charter guest from the first group of guests.

Stay tuned; the season of Below Deck Adventure has just begun, and more news will be spilling all season long.

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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