Where are Ryan and Jessica from Married at First Sight Season 2 now?

Jessica and Ryan sit together on Decision Day
Jessica and Ryan surprisingly agree to stay together on Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight experts have chosen a few upstanding men over the last few years. However, the series has also showcased some strikingly hurtful husbands throughout its 12 seasons.

Before there were the likes of troublesome husbands, Luke from MAFS Season 8 and Chris from MAFS Season 12, there was the original hotheaded husband, Ryan De Nino, from Season 2.

Ryan exhibited damaging behavior towards his wife, Jessica, both on and off screen, largely contributing to the crash and burn of their marriage. 

Ryan and Jessica’s relationship ends with a restraining order. 

During the six-week experiment, Ryan and Jessica put each other through an emotional roller coaster. The pair would quickly switch from kind caring moments to explosive arguments, with plenty of tears shed. 

It was difficult for Jessica to trust Ryan due to his lies, like when he allegedly used some of their wedding money for his own personal use and then refused to be straightforward about it. The couple spent a good portion of the relationship getting into screaming matches and Ryan would often gaslight Jessica, threatening to walk away on several occasions and forcing Jessica to tiptoe around his aggressive energy. 

Despite their rocky relationship, the two decided to focus on their potential and they both said yes on Decision Day. However, after the cameras left, that’s when the real drama started, with Ryan and Jessica having one of the most dramatic post-show fallouts of any couple in the franchise. 

By the time the MAFS reunion came around, Jessica had discovered that Ryan was allegedly cheating on her multiple times. When Jessica brought up his antics at the reunion Ryan aggressively stormed off. 

Jessica also claimed Ryan had allegedly threatened to kill her and harm her family and so, not only did the two finally decide to get a divorce, Jessica also filed a restraining order against Ryan for her and her family’s safety. 

With Ryan’s alleged storied past and harmful behavior, he remains one of the most puzzling casting decisions from the MAFS franchise along with Chris Williams from MAFS Season 12.

Where are Jessica and Ryan now?

Jessica and Ryan don’t appear to have any contact with each other since leaving the show. 

Ryan hasn’t been very active on social media as of late and he has not publicly confirmed whether he is in a new relationship. His Instagram page mostly consists of selfies and he seems to mainly tweet about sports and politics. 

Meanwhile, Jessica appears to be thriving since her time on MAFS. 

Jessica found love with a new man named Sergio, who she refers to as her love and best friend. She then became pregnant and shared many photos of her glowing pregnancy with her followers.

Jessica eventually gave birth to a sweet baby boy who is now 5 months old and expressed how much joy her child has brought into her life.

The arrival of her son motivated Jessica to become an entrepreneur. She is currently learning all she can about being her own boss. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8//7c on Lifetime. 

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