Where are Iris and Keith from Married at First Sight Season 9 now?

Iris lovingly hugs Keith from behind on their wedding day
Keith and Iris cuddle up on their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Iris and Keith looked like they would be a very promising couple on their wedding day. Both appeared committed to the process and were delighted to learn about all they had in common. 

By the end of the marriage, it turned out that Iris believed in the relationship’s potential more than Keith, and it led to them having contrasting decisions on Decision Day. 

While the couple looked like the right fit on paper, their attitudes towards intimacy became a point of contention for the two. 

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Keith and Iris struggle with depth 

Iris and Keith both wore white on the wedding day, and Iris let Keith’s mother know that the white of her dress represented her virginity, news that Keith’s mom was eager to tell her son before the wedding ended. 

Being a virgin was something Iris was very outspoken about, and she and Keith appeared to want to take it slow in navigating that aspect of their relationship. 

While the couple initially got along, the differences in their personality started to cause a divide. Keith was laid back, whereas Iris was more hyper and antsy, which became evident when Iris freaked out over Keith accidentally losing his wedding ring on the sandy beach during their honeymoon. 

During the course of the experiment, Keith began to question Iris’ emotional maturity. Along with lacking physical affection, Iris appeared to be very uncomfortable with having deep conversations with Keith, especially when the topic was intimacy. 

The experts continued to give the couple exercises to help them grow more comfortable with a physical connection. However, Iris tended to shrink away from fully engaging in the exercises. 

Most notably, the pair were challenged to share something about themselves that no one else knew, and Iris shared a story about swallowing a coin as a child, which Keith felt indicated her lack of maturity and unwillingness to get real with him. 

The couple had genuine bonding moments as well, including when Iris was able to support Keith during the passing of his family member. However, the good moments didn’t seem to be enough for Keith. 

On Decision Day, Iris shared that she’d like to stay married, and Keith went the opposite way saying he wanted a divorce. He told Iris that he believes she is a great woman, but she isn’t the woman for him. 

Iris was hurt and emotional when hearing that news and appeared to be still hurt when the two met up again on the reunion episode. During the tense reunion, Iris thought maybe they could work it out post-Decision Day, but Keith said he didn’t think he was ready for a wife and didn’t think Iris was ready to be a wife.

Where are Keith and Iris now? 

Iris wanted it to be very clear that she is not broken after the divorce and that she is still happily living her life. 

Interestingly, both Keith and Iris had separate interviews with The Bald and The Beautiful podcast, where they had contrasting stories of what really went down in their marriage. 

Iris claimed that Keith was the one who was most hesitant to be intimate, and she was more open, stating that they were more physically involved than they appeared. Keith suggested that he had told Iris that he would ask for a divorce before Decision Day and was confused as to why she still said yes when she knew his answer ahead of time. 

Since the show, Iris still deeply values her faith and her family and does not appear to be in a new relationship publicly. She also has maintained her friendships with fellow MAFS costars, such as Amber Bowles

Iris has kept busy, starting her own clothing line and working as a model, mentor, and motivator. She recently launched her website and feels confident that the best is yet to come in her life. 

Similar to Iris, Keith does not seem to be in a new relationship and he also is all about motivation. 

Keith recently wrote a book that was inspired by the journaling he had done since the show. He details everything he learned from being on Married at First Sight and how he’s grown as a man in his book. 

Keith is still family-oriented and uses his platform to share inspirational thoughts and uplifting messages. 

The ex-couple may have gone their separate ways, but the passion they shared for spreading positivity and encouragement has remained in both of their lives. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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