Where are Amber and Matthew from Married at First Sight Season 9 now?

Matt holds Amber while they wear their wedding attire
Matt and Amber pose on their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Amber and Matthew started their marriage off hot and heavy, but they quickly learned that their relationship was all lust and no love and the couple quickly fell apart. 

The pair’s clashing pasts were signs that the two might not make it. 

Amber dealt with a mother who walked out on their family, so she had deep abandonment issues. Meanwhile, Matthew had recently fallen out with his own family and appeared to roam about with no real home base or long-term bonds with many people. 

Amber’s fear of abandonment and Matt’s tendency to abandon caused their marriage to disastrously implode. 

Amber and Matt’s lust turns to loathing 

On their wedding day, Amber and Matt were both very into each other. Amber was one of the most outspoken brides when it came to expressing her attraction to her husband. 

Matt didn’t tell his family he was getting married, so they didn’t show up to the wedding. Amber was concerned that she wouldn’t learn about Matt through his family, but she was also glad that her family was so welcoming of Matt on the wedding day. 

Both Amber and Matt were into sports, particularly basketball, and both had complicated relationships with their mothers. Amber also was wooed by Matt’s guitar skills and the original song he wrote for her. 

However, their noticeable height difference wasn’t the only difference the couple had, and their initial chemistry wasn’t enough to mask their issues. 

Matt began to shatter Amber’s trust when he’d go out with friends at night and not come home until late the next day without communicating with Amber or wearing his wedding ring.

Amber emotionally documented her response to Matt prioritizing his friends more than his wife, and Matt would half-heartedly apologize every time he let Amber down. 

Matt started to become distant from Amber both physically and mentally. Despite all their struggles, Amber continued to want to reconcile and make the marriage work.

Amber received more bad news when a friend confessed to Amber that he was at a bar and saw Matt with another girl he later left with that night. Matt’s alleged infidelity made Amber emotional and doubtful if he’d been faithful during all his nights away from her. 

After being put through the wringer emotionally, Amber called Matt out on Decision Day, revealing that she had receipts of him asking other women on dates while married to her. Matt lacked empathy for the heartache he put Amber through, and both agreed to get divorced. 

Amber looked Matt in the eye and told him she’s hurting and humiliated by the way he strung her along and, after divorcing, the two continued to have a tense relationship

Where are Amber and Matt now?

Since her season wrapped, Amber became outspoken about what she went through with Matt on the show. She revealed that she was reached out to by multiple women who accused Matt of being a serial cheater.

Amber’s candid discussions about Matt allegedly led Matt to leave her a less than friendly message demanding she gets over it and stops talking about him. 

Amber does appear to have moved on and still hangs out with other MAFS wives who ended up getting divorced from their MAFS husbands, including Iris, Meka, and Mindy.

While Amber doesn’t appear to be in an official relationship, she seems to be happily living life with her dog Lenny, her twin sister, and her new and old friends. Some of those new friends include Jacob Harder from MAFS Season 12, who recently took on Amber’s short-shorts challenge.

Amber has also celebrated some recent milestones since leaving the show, including turning 30, finalizing her divorce from Matt, and becoming a homeowner.

Matthew does not appear to be in a new relationship publicly. He still actively enjoys sports and shares photos of his basketball endeavors and meetups with buddies. 

Despite a rocky marriage and even rockier divorce process, Amber and Matt both appear to be finding their footing since going their separate ways. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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