Where are Henry and Christina from Married at First Sight Season 11 now?

Henry and Christina share a laugh on their wedding day
Henry and Christina laugh to keep from cringing on their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Married at First Sight Season 11 featured the longest amount of time couples would spend together before Decision Day.

For Season 11 couple, Henry and Christina, the extended experiment meant extended awkwardness and troubles between them. 

It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly led the experts to match Henry and Christina considering they had almost nothing in common. 

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The couple’s marriage was awkward from the wedding day forward and only continued to crumble with each passing day. Unlike NOLA couple, Woody and Amani, there were zero signs of chemistry between Christina and Henry, and their relationship unsurprisingly ended in a messy divorce. 

Henry and Christina were both suspicious of each other 

Christina was portrayed as a bit of a bridezilla on her wedding day. That controlling and demanding nature of hers would show up all throughout the marriage, as she had conflict with both Henry and production.

Henry was extremely introverted and quirky to say the least, which made it difficult for Christina to connect with him or know what he was thinking. On the wedding day, Christina had to ask Henry if he found her attractive since he hadn’t vocalized it himself.

Despite both Henry and Christina claiming they were attracted to each other, the two struggled to be intimate or even remotely affectionate. 

Their differences ran deep, especially with Christina loving to travel and take risks whereas Henry was very strait-laced and seemingly fearful of trying anything new. 

Christina’s bossy personality and Henry’s passive behavior caused the couple to clash and resulted in a lot of emotional arguments. Both kept trying to stay in the marriage and make it work but neither trusted each other nor understood each other. 

Henry found it strange that Christina would never be upfront about where she lived and that she’d claim she’s going for a walk around the neighborhood and then not come home until really late at night. 

Later during the marriage, Christina claimed that she received a shocking text suggesting that Henry was allegedly sleeping with men. Henry was adamant that these claims were completely false and baseless.

When Henry asked to see the text Christina received, Christina refused to show it to him and, considering her self-proclaimed past of lying, it appeared that Christina was potentially not telling the whole truth in her extreme accusation. 

After continuous awkward moments, accusations, fights, tears, and miscommunication, both Henry and Christina decided to get divorced on Decision Day. 

During the reunion episode, Henry was more outspoken than ever when calling out Christina for her lies and false accusations in their marriage and both appeared eager to put this marriage behind them. 

Where are Henry and Christina now? 

Both Henry and Christina switched up their look since getting a divorce. Henry grew out his beard and Christina made news for looking unrecognizable after being on MAFS.  

Apart from appearing to have lost a lot of weight, fans speculated that plastic surgery may also contribute to why Christina looks so different since the show.

Christina, whose whereabouts have always been a bit of a mystery, is more private about sharing her life on social media now. After facing a lot of scrutiny for the way she behaved on the show, Christina took some time to recuperate in Mexico. 

Henry appears to still be single and enjoying life with his girl gang, who were also featured on the show and didn’t like Christina from day one. 

Henry still enjoys playing guitar and keeping in touch with his fellow MAFS costars. For the most part, life appears to have returned right back to normal for Henry. 

Despite the fact that Christina and Henry’s marriage was doomed to fail from the beginning, both are happy for the three couples who remained married on their season and appear far happier now that they are no longer together. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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