When does The Challenge Season 38 start? Air date, time, and Ride or Dies drama sneak peek

the challenge ride or dies host tj lavin in cast photo
TJ Lavin returns as host for The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: MTV

Fans of MTV’s entertaining reality TV competition series, The Challenge, are awaiting the start of the 38th season with all those daily challenges, eliminations, and potential tense situations that arrive with every episode.

The newest season is called Ride or Dies and features teams of one man and one woman. The teammates share some bond, whether they are friends in real life or from another show, are married, dating, or family members.

Among them will be several returning champions, including Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, Johnny Bananas, Jordan Wiseley, Veronica Portillo, and Darrell Taylor.

There will also be many newcomers on the show, including Big Brother stars Analyse Talavera and Tommy Bracco, as well as Love Island’s Johnny Middlebrooks and Olivia Kaiser.

With plenty of masterminds in the game and the potential for some savvy newcomers, it looks to be another intriguing installment of MTV’s popular show.

Here are more details about when The Challenge Season 38 will start and a look at some of the drama on the way.

The Challenge Season 38 clip shows upcoming drama

On Monday, October 10, The Challenge: Ride or Dies launch special aired several days before the premiere episode. The special episode, called Ready to Ride, featured OGs Bananas, Darrell, Veronica, Aneesa Ferreira, Jordan, and Nany Gonzalez having a roundtable discussion and looking at the season ahead.

These particular legends of the game are considered the Heavy Hitters teams and are one of TJ Lavin’s twists. Bananas is teamed with Nany, Jordan is with Aneesa, and Darrell is with Veronica.

TJ called them his “Secret Super Six” and will introduce them to the game at various points in the season, surprising other competitors with their arrival.

During The Challenge launch, these OGs looked at the other teams, evaluating the competition. Also, various preview footage or highlights of the upcoming season arrived.

A sneak peek video (below) shows some of the drama that fans can expect to see during Season 38. In particular, in several instances, War of the Worlds champ Turbo gets into it with castmates.

One of those appears to be during the cast’s boat trip to start the season. Turbo is arguing with someone and saying he plans to see them “one by one” in elimination.

Another dramatic scene shows a tense conversation between Michele Fitzgerald and Laurel Stucky, possibly about game strategy. There’s also Devin confronting someone for lying to him and an upset Tori calling her former fiance Jordan a liar.

Check out the full clip below to see more of the upcoming scenes.

When does The Challenge Season 38 start?

The Challenge Season 38 air date arrives on Wednesday, October 12, with a start time of 8 p.m. Eastern Time on MTV. The premiere episode has a runtime of 90 minutes, per TV Guide.

New episodes will arrive every Wednesday on MTV and should each have a runtime of 90 minutes, although that could change during the season.

As of this report, IMDB only lists 10 episodes for the Ride or Dies season, which seems light. The previous season, Spies, Lies & Allies, had 20 episodes, including the season reunion, so not all of the episodes may be listed on IMDB yet.

Regarding where to watch The Challenge Season 38, the best place to see new episodes is live every Wednesday on MTV via cable, satellite, or streaming platforms that offer the channel.

Like past seasons, episodes will likely be available on-demand via or any applicable MTV apps after they’ve aired. Typically these are available the next day.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday, October 12, at 8/7c on MTV.

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