What is Jose from Married at First Sight’s job? Here’s what a mission flight specialist does and what they earn

Jose on MAFS
Jose has a one-of-a-kind career. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jose may have one of the most impressive and unique jobs of anyone who’s been a part of the Married at First Sight franchise. 

Jose’s job as a mission flight specialist puts him in the category of astronaut in the US space program based on Encyclopedia’s definition. Here are the interesting details about Jose’s high-level profession. 

Jose has a significant job at NASA 

The NASA Johnson Space Center is in Houston Texas, where Jose and the rest of the MAFS Season 13 cast reside and the role of a mission flight specialist is a common position with the International Space Station. 

As a mission flight specialist, Jose is a part of a space shuttle or station crew and he helps coordinate the crew activity and on board operations on the spacecraft. They also have the very important job of monitoring the shuttle’s fuel, water, and food. 

Mission flight specialists work in close contact with the commander and pilot to carry out the mission’s flight plan. 

Attaining a job at NASA is no easy task and has a lot of hefty requirements, including high academic qualifications and an experienced background. Many who work for NASA received their degree in engineering, biological science, physics, computer science, or mathematics. 

In order to succeed as a mission flight specialist, one must be good with tools, handy, and a jack-of-all-trades. 

Those that make the cut, like Jose, have the potential to make over $100,000. According to Flying magazine the starting salary for civilian astronauts is $66,000 a year with some earning up to nearly $145,000 a year. 

Jose also works in another lucrative field 

According to Jose’s Instagram bio, he is not only a NASA mission flight specialist, but he is also a Real Estate Flipper/Investor. 

Real Estate is another high-paying field, so Jose’s involvement in two lucrative professions speaks to how he’s been able to support his lifestyle and own homes. 

Jose prides himself on being a finance enthusiast that handles his money responsibly, so much so that he has a whiteboard hung up in his home that features all his financial planning. 

Jose’s stringent approach to finances is already starting to cause some tension with his MAFS wife, Rachel, who enjoys spontaneously splurging every now and then.  

Jose and Rachel’s contrasting views on finances, as well as Jose’s adamant desire to have a perfect wife that fits seamlessly into his “perfect” secure life, has raised red flags for some viewers who find Jose to be too controlling and arrogant about his long list of impossible standards. 

As MAFS Season 13 unfolds, we’ll see if Jose’s lofty standards will ruin the marriage or if perhaps Rachel will help bring her astronaut husband back down to earth. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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