Jose and Rachel on MAFS Season 13: Here’s what to know about the brand new couple

Jose and Rachel's portrait photos set side by side
Jose and Rachel hope to finally find the one. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 is just around the corner and the experts have high hopes that they’ve matched five successful couples. 

Jose and Rachel are one of those five Houston couples and the pair have a lot in common, but their differences could potentially be their downfall.

Who is Rachel?

Rachel is a 33-year-old Special Education Evaluator, who the experts found to be a kind and generous person. She is hoping the experts will find her a man who is ready to commit and loves baseball as much as she does.

She is also eager to have a husband who will be faithful, especially because she recently ended a relationship where she caught her significant other cheating. 

Rachel has been on a weight loss journey and shed a lot of pounds, so she enjoys showing off her tan and the body that she worked hard for. She also thinks it will be nice to have a Hispanic husband with a fit body as well, but most importantly she wants a life partner.

According to Rachel, her past relationships haven’t worked out because she prioritized her friends and going out over her boyfriends. Rachel acknowledged that she has a tendency to rush into things with guys and then the minute she sees a man’s flaws, she ends the relationship as quickly as she entered it. 

After many failed relationships, Rachel decided to get married at first sight because she doesn’t want to waste any more time. Rachel’s biggest fear is that her insecurities will cause her husband to not like her, but she knows that she is ready for commitment and looks forward to giving her husband all the love she has to offer. 

Who is Jose? 

Jose is a 35-year-old that MAFS has nicknamed “Mr. Perfectionist” due to his stringent commitment to routine and wanting things his way, as well as his belief that very few women are “on his level”.

Jose wants his wife to be well-rounded and was vocal about the lengthy list of traits he hopes his perfect match will have, which includes being classy, ambitious, fun, with good sound morals. Jose also hopes his wife will be sexually attractive with beautiful eyes because he believes physical attraction helps relationships propel quicker. 

The experts describe Jose as a hospitable go-getter with a good heart and a passion for fashion. 

Jose is also adamant about being responsible and frugal with his finances, and he broke up with his last girlfriend due to her spending habits and desire to go out a lot. Similar to recently divorced MAFS couple, Virginia and Erik, this hangup could cause issues for Jose and Rachel considering Rachel attributed many of her breakups to her desire to go out with friends more than spend time with her significant other. 

Jose believes that he’s ready to be married because he cooks and cleans without being asked and will do little thoughtful acts for his wife daily. His biggest fear is that he and his wife won’t be attracted to one another. 

Jose and Rachel appear to be matched mostly due to their similar cultural backgrounds, values, and goals, as well as their love for sports. The experts hope that Jose and Rachel will be validating partners and help each other overcome any insecurities they may have. 

Both Jose and Rachel know that marriage takes a lot of work and are hoping their communication skills will help their new relationship last. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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