What happens on Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor? [Spoilers]

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Here’s what happens on Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor returns this Wednesday as part of a two-day Bachelor week.

The drama has taken over the show this week, and now, Peter is ready to focus on why he’s on the show in the first place — to find a wife.

In the previews for Wednesday’s episode, Peter will finally be able to enjoy some of the women romantically, as he continues to search for his wife.

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The Bachelor will have romance in Chile

During tonight’s episode, Peter wrapped up his rose ceremony in Costa Rica. Now, the woman will travel to Santiago, Chile to continue their journey.

There will be a group date and a one-on-one date for Wednesday’s episode.

Reality Steve has a few spoilers for this upcoming episode, including the news that Hannah Ann gets the one-on-one date.

While Steve doesn’t reveal who is on the group date, it’s Victoria F who walks away with the rose.

Victoria P, who has stayed out of the drama over the past couple of episodes, will resurface once again. Steve reveals that she and Peter will have a conversation about them being on different pages. She ends up leaving the show, but he guesses that her pageant duties may have something to do with her decision to leave.

The Bachelor drama continues with Tammy

But just because the romance is high this week doesn’t mean all of the drama is done. During tonight’s episode, Tammy got into a heated argument with some of the women, as she made the claims that Kelsey may have problems with alcohol and drugs.

While she denied making such statements, the women came to Kelsey’s defense, revealing that she had indeed made those comments. This all happened before the rose ceremony.

Based on the previews, it appears that the drama continues during the rose ceremony. Tammy and Mykenna are seen yelling at one another in the preview, which could indicate that the drama with Tammy won’t come to an end during the episode.

Peter sends home Sydney Hightower, Mykenna Dunn, and Tammy Ly. The preview and Reality Steve do not reveal Peter’s reasoning for sending them home, but he appears to be tired of the drama.

Victoria Paul left on her own earlier in the episode, leaving only six constants by the end of Wednesday’s episode of the show.

The Bachelor airs Monday and Wednesday this week at 8/7c on ABC.

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