What happened to Leslie on Love Island USA?

Leslie from Love Island USA: Why did she leave the CBS show?
Leslie wasn’t eligible for the favorite female islander vote and viewers are confused. Pic credit: CBS

What happened to Leslie on Love Island USA? That’s the question on viewers’ minds after Leslie Golden wasn’t featured as one of the female islanders eligible for America’s favorite vote.

At the end of Friday night’s episode, Love Island USA narrator Matthew Hoffman revealed it was time for fans to vote for their favorite guy and girl still in The Villa. Those with the least amount of votes risk being sent home.

As Matthew was naming off the islanders, Leslie was not mentioned at all. She also didn’t appear in the coming-up preview for Sunday night’s episode.

Leslie being MIA in the vote came hot on the heels of her and Genevieve Shawcross clashing with the OG’s in The Villa.

What happened Leslie on Love Island USA?

All signs point to Leslie leaving the hit CBS reality TV show. The only reason she would be ineligible for the vote was if she was no longer on the show.

Love Island USA Season 1 alums Elizabeth Weber and Alex Stewart host the podcast, After The Island. On the Instagram account for the podcast, the question of what happened to Leslie was brought up. The response pretty much confirmed she left The Villa.

Leslie left Love Island USA.
Pic credit: @AfterTheIsland/Instagram

Social media has been buzzing about what happened to Leslie. One Twitter user commented on how Leslie’s voice suddenly changed over the past couple of episodes.

She definitely sounded like she was losing her voice, which could be why Leslie is no longer on the reality TV show. Perhaps she got really sick, and producers had to pull her from the show.

Another Twitter user suggested a different reason for her exit, claiming Leslie received information from the outside world and shared it.

Twitter thinks Leslie was kicked off show.
Pic credit: @bolofanpage/Twitter

Will Leslie leaving Love Island USA impact The Villa?

Although Korey Gandy picked Leslie in the Casa Amor twist, he’s all about Olivia Kaiser now. Korey has barely given Leslie the time of day since the recoupling.

Leslie was fine with Korey’s actions because she had her sights set on Cinco Holland Jr., even though he played both Cashay Proudfoot and Trina Njoroge. Cinco may be the only one impacted by Leslie leaving. If Cash sticks with Charlie Lynch, Leslie was literally the only other female willing to give him a chance.

Due to butting heads with the OG females, Genevieve will probably be the only other islander who’s impacted by Leslie leaving. Then again, one girl will be booted from the CBS reality TV show, so Genevieve may not be in The Villa much longer either.

Leslie is now the second islander to exit Love Island USA Season 3.

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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