What happened on The Bachelorette tonight? Here are your biggest WTF moments

Hannah B
Hannah B’s journey continued tonight. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah B’s journey as The Bachelorette is slowly coming to an end with only a handful of guys left. As the show progresses, her dates are becoming more serious with talks of feelings, the future, and meeting the family.

But that isn’t stopping our WTF moments from happening. Tonight, we had a few of them.

Jed’s date with Hannah – and the couple who had been together for 50 years

It may have been romantic to start with – but given how Jed Wyatt’s supposed girlfriend at home has been in the media over the past couple of days, it’s hard to take his words seriously. As we’ve previously reported, Jed’s former girlfriend revealed that he was going on the show with the plan to return to his relationship.

It didn’t help when he previously sang to Hannah that he would “never lie to you” – and now he’s been caught in a lie. The biggest WTF moment during the episode was definitely seeing them on a date and talking to a couple that had been together for 50 years.

Pickled herring on horseback

You know there’s something you don’t like. And yet, you choose to eat it to impress the girl you like, while you are on horseback. During Hannah B’s date with Tyler, they go horseback riding and they are offered pickled herring. She accepts because she’s brave, but Tyler already knows that it is his worst nightmare and he doesn’t want to eat it.

And yet, he does and he’s seen almost throwing up on his little horse. Maybe next time, just politely say no.

Connor is angry

When the date cards arrive, Connor learns that he won’t be getting a one-on-one date with Hannah. He storms out, resulting in the guys questioning what is wrong. But he heads straight to Hannah to talk about his feelings.

During this conversation with Hannah, she admits that she has stronger feelings with some of the other guys, something that Connor clearly isn’t prepared to hear. Needless to say, he gets sent home by Hannah B.

Art with Mike

During Hannah B’s date with Mike, the two went to an art studio where they could paint portraits of one another. The background music was really quirky and clearly hinted that the date wasn’t serious at all – until it was.

Hannah told the cameras in a confessional interview that she wasn’t sure about her connection with Mike and she wasn’t sure if she could meet his family.

Crying over art (in a possibly staged scene)

In that same token, Hannah breaks down crying while looking at art. So, when she walks into her date with Mike, she’s in tears. When she’s looking at the art and her tears are rolling, it all seemed so stage. As it turns out, she could have been preparing for her breakup with Mike.

Luke P continues to make a fool of himself

Luke P luckily didn’t steal much of the episode, but he did show his rude side when Mike Johnson was eliminated. He revealed that all of the guys were competition for him, and he was happy that Mike was eliminated. While he called it simple math, the guys thought he was rude and the villain of the show.

It’s clear that fans would love to see him leave.

Hannah rolls her eyes at Luke

Luke P brings up the drama with the guys – again! And she’s not happy about it. The other guys are opening up about their feelings, but Luke continues to talk about how he feels attacked by the other guys. Hannah continues to question her feelings for Luke and getting confusing messages about how he is as a person.

Seriously, Hannah – send him home!

Bologna fight!

Luke P comparing Garrett to Bologna has got to be the most hilarious scene this season. Luke is so confusing, it’s getting ridiculous.

It got even more awkward when the cameras zoomed in on Luke licking his lips, as he tries to stare down Garrett.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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