What does Tyler from The Bachelorette do for a living?

Tyler remains one of Hannah’s favorites. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler C is one of two final guys left on The Bachelorette and after his meeting with Hannah Brown’s parents, they clearly loved him. While finances were never a topic of discussion, their conversation with Jed appeared to take a different turn.

That caused people to search for Tyler to see what he does for a living and if he makes enough to support Hannah B and a future family.

If fans remember back to the first episode, Tyler was introduced as a general contractor and he was often seen hammering away and building stuff.

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While Tyler C has since changed his Instagram bio, Refinery29 claims that his Instagram bio used to reveal that he builds custom homes for a living. In addition, he may have supplementary income from being a model.

The conversation of money came up when Jed told Hannah’s family that he was a working musician. During a one-on-one conversation with her father, Hannah’s father questioned what his financial plans were to care for Hannah and a potential family.

That’s when Jed proudly revealed that he had just signed his first big contract — with a dog food company to write their jingle. He was extremely proud of it but Hannah’s parents clearly didn’t see it that way.

Financially, it appears that Tyler may be more financially stable compared to Jed, but it’s questionable whether Hannah sees that as being important in her relationships.

As we’ve previously revealed, Hannah B works as an interior designer and she can take care of herself financially. Perhaps her father was concerned that Hannah would have to support Jed as a struggling musician as he continued to pursue his musical ambitions, one jingle at a time.

The Bachelorette concludes tomorrow at 8/7c on ABC.

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