What does BDS stand for on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?

Teams Situation and BDS shortly before the reunite with Mike
Team Situation and BDS shortly before they reunite with Mike. Pic Credit: MTV

Last week, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans got to see Mike The Situation released from prison and reunited with his beloved wife Lauren.

Last night, he brought the Jersey Shore fam into the mix.

As big fans of doing everything in big ways, the Jersey Shore cast decided to throw a massive welcome home party for the Situation.

They made the welcome home party into a contest, breaking into two teams — BDS (Snooki, Deena, and Pauly) and Situation (Vinny, Angelina, and Ron).

Team Situation is obvious, but what is BDS?

It goes back to Mike’s fitness

Mike really slimmed down in prison — he lost about 35 pounds and got into amazing shape.

In the early days of Jersey Shore, Mike was known for his washboard abs, but in more recent years, we haven’t seen much of them.

After Mike got sober several years ago, he stopped being so careful about what he ate, and his love of food featured prominently in the show.

The Situation got a new nickname a little more fit for his new figure: Big Daddy Sitch, or BDS. BDS is the “fun food” side of Sitch — funfetti cake, cookies, pizza, and all the treats he didn’t get in prison.

Snooki, Deena, and Pauly (Team BDS) were banking on Big Daddy Sitch wanting to celebrate with good food. They brought him sprinkle cookies, cheeses, rice balls, funfetti cake, and all the “fun foods” Big Daddy Sitch loves.

Meanwhile, Ron, Angelina, and Vinny were Team Situation; they thought Mike would want to keep up the healthy habits and slim figure he worked so hard for in prison.

So, they went to a health food store to get him nutritional supplements and healthy snacks like nori.

Team Situation also tried to help Mike with one of his goals for the year: becoming a dad. Mike and wife Lauren have discussed wanting to try for a baby ASAP, so Team Sitch enlisted the help of a very well-informed sex shop worker to help the Sorrentinos make it happen.

The sex shop held a surprise for the whole cast — while shopping for Mike, Team Situation found (and of course bought) a Jersey Shore Porno.

There was a clear winner

Teams Situation and BDS made it a competition, with Mike as the judge of the better spread. While Mike was appreciative of the efforts of both teams, the winner was clear: Team BDS and their fun foods.

Viewers couldn’t fault Mike for picking the junk food — Team BDS’ spread was much better looking than Team Situation’s kind of pathetic pile of nutritional supplements and seaweed chips.

Even Ron, a member of Team Situation, seemed to like the BDS party foods more than his team’s contribution.

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