Wendy Osefo responds to claims her family is cursed — Is the RHOP star a victim of nasty in-laws spreading rumors?

Dr. Wendy Osefo sits in front of a backdrop of flowers.
Dr. Wendy Osefo sits in front of a backdrop of flowers. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Potomac star Dr. Wendy Osefo insists that her family is not cursed despite the rumors spread by her in-laws.

This story started to circulate as Wendy’s husband Eddie opened up about his own family and how their relationship has suffered in recent years. It turns out that they have been avoiding Eddie since he married Wendy and haven’t even met their children.

But there are conflicting stories about why Eddie’s family doesn’t want Wendy in the picture. One story claims that Wendy Osefo’s family hails from a “cursed Nigerian tribe” and that it is customary for other Nigerians to avoid those cursed or “Osu” people.

How the claims against Wendy Osefo started

Wendy’s husband, Eddie Osefo, wanted to invite his in-laws to their Sip-and-See featured on the show. However, they ignored his invitation and both Wendy and Eddie remain estranged from the rest of his family.

All About the Tea shared a story about why the estrangement has lasted nearly a decade after the pair got married, claiming that one of Wendy’s in-laws spoke to them about their issues with the RHOP star and her family.

The anonymous source claimed that Wendy’s mother was the chieftain of the “Osu” or “cursed” tribe. The tribe was deemed as an “outcasted caste” and the “lowest caste” in Nigeria.

The source claimed that, in their culture, if their relative marries into the cursed caste, the family must shun that relative and the relative’s children as to not ruin the family’s reputation.

Wendy’s team responds to RHOP rumor

But when those rumors started to circulate, Wendy and her team started working to stop the story from spreading.

BugNews published an article addressing the rumors that insinuated she born from a cursed tribe. Wendy and her team have denied the rumors and even sent a cease and desist to BugNews.

An alleged representative from Wendy’s team, Dina White, sent a strongly-worded message along with the cease and desist.

“We are demanding that you 1) immediately retract your article, 2) issue a written apology on the same medium that the original story was published, and 3) delete ALL social media posts and retweets promoting the original article,” Dina wrote.

The message written by Wendy’s team denounced the false claims that the article had alleged and stated that Wendy’s mother and father are not from the cursed Osu tribe. It reiterated that Osu people preside in Imo state while her mother is from Anambra State.

It was also claimed that Wendy’s older sister and her husband also had a background check, according to the letter, and neither of them had Osu lineage. Rather, her sister married into a “notable Nigerian Igbo family.”

Additionally, the letter stated that her sister-in-law and her husband, Nauramy Aboro and Oby Osefo, are are “extremely angry and vindictive people” and claim that their agenda is to “spread lies and false claims about Wendy and her family’s heritage.”

Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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