Wells Adams on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: ‘A lot of people needed a lot of advice’

Wells Adams stares at the camera in his bar polo
Wells Adams served up cold drinks, and hot takes to the cast of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 is shaking things up in several ways. With new guest hosts, a jam-packed cast, and a potential shutdown due to the pandemic, Wells Adams as the bartender is the one guaranteed constant this season. 

Wells Adams is a Bachelor in Paradise veteran, having worked as the bartender on the show’s last three seasons. 

As the BIP cast deals with drama at every corner, they often turn to Wells for wisdom, and in a recent interview, Wells revealed that this unique season required him to give more advice than ever. 

Wells Adams says BIP cast was initially ‘out of sync’ 

While speaking with US Weekly, Wells explained that many factors contributed to the BIP cast needing so much advice this season. 

Wells shared, “A lot of people needed a lot of advice. It’s been a couple years since we’ve done Paradise, I think people are a little out of sync of the show. And a lot of people have been out of sync of dating people.” 

It appears the pandemic had a genuine impact on the cast because not only did it force Bachelor in Paradise to be postponed a year, it also caused the cast and people all over the world to become a bit rusty when it comes to socializing and dating. All this distance from the show and human interaction led the cast to seek more guidance from Wells. 

For Wells, he finds that he often ends up advising the people that he has a natural connection with. Well revealed, “I had to do a lot of hard conversations with people, but I would say that generally how it works is the people who I gravitate to, just in terms of friendship-wise, I talked to a lot because obviously, it’s comfortable for them and it’s comfortable for me.”

Recently Wells shared that he really bonded with Connor Brennan while guest-starring on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Connor B. will be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, so Connor and Wells will likely have some banter by the bar.

Another BIP star that Wells spent a lot of time with this season was his long-time friend, Joe Amabile, aka “Grocery Store Joe.” 

Wells explained that he has known Joe for years, and the two spoke a lot on the island. Wells stated, “So Joe and I have a lot of conversations that we hope make air because it comes across as he’s this goofy, Chicago guy who likes to eat, but he actually does have a really sweet spot. And so I hope everyone gets to see that.”

The celebrity guest hosts also help the BIP cast 

An exciting new development on this season of Bachelor in Paradise is the vibrant list of celebrity guest hosts appearing on the island. Wells shared that the guest hosts each offer something unique to the cast. 

David Spade provides snarky humor and his “fanboy-ness.” Lance Bass and Tituss Burgess offer loads of musicality, with Tituss apparently singing constantly in the background. 

Wells also confessed that Lil Jon was his favorite guest host and his electric personality brought a lot of positive energy to the cast during a point in the show where the cast was in serious need of a pick-me-up. 

Hopefully, Wells and the guest hosts’ advice has helped some of the cast find love in paradise. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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