VPR: Lala Kent opens up about criticism over relationship with Randall Emmett, dishes on being labeled ‘a hard chick’

VPR star Lala Kent and Randall Emmett.
Lala Kent says she knows people think of her as a sugar baby. Pic credit: ©

Lala Kent recently shared details about her relationship with fiance Randall Emmett. Although the couple spent the first phase of their relationship private, they’ve continually gushed over one another since going public in 2017.

In Season 5, Lala revealed that she was seeing someone but kept their identity under wraps. As it turned out, that was because Randall was going through a divorce at that time and neither wanted the potential backlash that was bound to bring.

However, since getting engaged in 2018 the couple has continued to grow together and even welcomed their first child, daughter Ocean in March of this year.

During a recent interview, Lala opened up about her relationship with Randall, including where their finances stand and the truth may be surprising.

Lala says she and Randall don’t share bank accounts, addresses criticism over their lifestyle and relationship

While being a guest on The Skinny Confidential, Lala admitted that her life with Randall is fantastic, she even goes so far as to call her lifestyle “amazing,” but she isn’t handed her life on a silver platter.

“People would be shocked to hear that… we don’t have a shared bank account and he does not provide me with a credit card,” she said. “He’s given me very beautiful gifts. He provides a very amazing lifestyle that very few people get to experience. But I think they think that I just am around twiddling my thumbs [and] have a nanny come in so I can get facials and pedicures and I just go and max out his credit cards.”

She continued, “I’m a sugar baby in their eyes.”

Randall admits he’s received hate from VPR audiences because of his looks

Speaking further of the criticism they’ve received, Lala said she’s been labeled the “hard chick” but doesn’t quite understand the label.

“I’ve never gotten physical with anyone in my life,” Lala noted. However, she then recalled an altercation with her former Vanderpump Rules co-star Kristen Doute. “I pushed Kristen Doute down to the ground, but that was as far as my physical altercations went.”

Lala isn’t the only one who has experienced serious hate from some of the Vanderpump Rules audience. In fact, Randall shared that he’s received his own criticism. The only difference is the majority of comments were centered around his looks.

“It probably took me, probably a year and a half to be over it [and] not care anymore,” he said.

Randall continued, “That whole world of like insulting [and] body-shaming me, I was like, what just happened? But then as the years went on I started to get numb and I started to just not read the s**t and then I started to not care.”

Thankfully, Randall said that by the time he decided to make his debut on the hit Bravo show, he was already well acquainted with everyone and have even “been on a lot of trips” with them. So, he was able to start letting the hate just roll off his back.

The couple has yet to let any of the criticism affect their relationship, so it will be great to see more of their relationship dynamics play out in Season 9.

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 premieres Tuesday, September 28 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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