Virginia Coombs tests positive for COVID-19

Virginia Coombs
Virginia Coombs reveals the status of her health. Pic credit: Lifetime

Virginia Coombs, unfortunately, joined the list of people who have contracted COVID-19 as the ongoing spread of the virus continues to surge.

Virginia created a video detailing her experience and aimed to bring awareness as well.

Virginia Coombs reveals she tested positive for COVID-19

Virginia Coombs rested in bed as she shared an update on her health situation.

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Virginia began by saying, “So an update I wish I didn’t have to give. I did test positive for Covid this morning.”

Virginia explained that she and a friend both caught it, sharing, “I had a friend test positive pretty much the exact same week [with] very similar symptoms. We both did at home Covid tests – both negative.”

While Virginia sounded nasally in the video, she, fortunately, hasn’t lost her sense of taste and smell. Describing what the virus feels like, Virginia expressed, “It literally feels like strep. I don’t know how else to describe it. I haven’t lost my taste and smell as of now, but I’ve only had symptoms for a couple days.”

Virginia revealed that she had been vaccinated and felt it sucks that she still caught it despite following protocol and being healthy.

Virginia stated, “I mean it really sucks. I’m vaccinated and I’m boosted. My booster was only eight days ago though so I don’t think it’s kicked in yet, obviously. I think it takes a couple weeks.”

“I have not got Covid the entire almost two years this has been a thing so I’m a generally healthy person, I take care of my immune system, I eat decent. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do so it really sucks and it’s just further proof that these breakthrough cases are gonna keep happening.”

Although she’s disheartened, Virginia still believes in the vaccine and feels it’s important people get the vaccine, otherwise it will only keep mutating. Virginia shared, “I still believe in the vaccine. Still believe everyone should be getting it. But I mean, I definitely have Omicron. There’s no denying that.”

Catching the virus can certainly be anxiety-inducing but Virginia appears to be keeping her head up.


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Virginia will be stuck at home for Christmas due to the virus

Having caught COVID-19 during the holiday season, Virginia’s positive results are forcing her to change her Christmas plans.

During the video, Virginia revealed she won’t be able to go home for Christmas and she especially doesn’t want to pass the virus along to family.

Virginia noted that she’ll eventually start to get tested daily and she also warned that at-home tests are not fool-proof in detecting, so it’s important to go to an official testing site.

While Virginia won’t be able to spend Christmas with her family, she won’t be completely alone as she intends to spend Christmas with her other friend who caught the virus.

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