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Vinny Guadagnino swears off ‘randoms’ – Jersey Shore star says it’s too dangerous during coronavirus pandemic

Vinny Guadagnino during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Vinny Guadagnino swore off random hookups during quarantine Pic credit: MTV

Vinny Guadagnino swore off random hookups during quarantine and told his roommates that it was too dangerous to have women over during the pandemic.

During the premiere episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Vinny and the boys of RSVP — Ronnie Magro, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and Pauly “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio — had a conversation over video chat about coronavirus.

The boys discussed how they couldn’t believe everything was shut down, including gyms.

Pauly said, “It’s gym, tan, isolation now.”

Ronnie teased, “Vin you must love this cuz you don’t like people anyways so the fact that you don’t have to be around anyone…”

The boys laughed and Vinny said, “Nothings really changed for me,” as clips showed Vinny sitting at his computer and on his couch both before and during the quarantine.

He laughed and said, “I kinda like quarantine.”

Mike was concerned about Vinny’s dating life and asked, “Yo, what are you gonna do when you bring randoms over? Are they gonna wear masks?”

Vinny replied, “Bro, no randoms right now. That’s how bad it is!”

Mike teased, “At least you won’t have the clap for a month or so then, right?”

The boys laughed as Vinny played into the joke and said, “Yeah just trading one virus for the other. Coronas gonna walk into my body and be like, ‘nah y’all, I’m good.'”

Taken Pauly

While Vinny swore of random hookups during quarantine, it looks like Pauly lived the domestic life and is now taken by his new girlfriend, Nikki Hall.

During a video chat with all of the roommates, the cast was stunned when they saw an arm move into Pauly’s video and they heard him ask, “Babe, get me a water?”

The Shore cast was dying to know who the mystery woman was and started yelling, “Who’s that?!”

During a confessional interview, Pauly said, “Through this pandemic, I’m full of surprises, I grew myself, I grew a beard, and I got a girlfriend.”

Nikki came on the screen to say hi to the cast. Pauly mentioned how they rekindled their romance while filming Double Shot at Love Season 2, and said that they decided to give it another chance to see if it could really work.

Zack is back

Pauly wasn’t the only one to rekindle an old flame. It looks like Zack Carpinello and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley decided to give their relationship another spin.

Vinny Guadagnino stopped by Jenni’s house to see her home gym and saw a painting of the couple hanging on the wall. When Vinny made a comment about Jenni having the whole place to herself he said in disbelief, “Zack is back?!”

Jenni confirmed they were giving things another shot and described how Zack had been supportive through the backlash she received after not talking to Angelina for nine months following the infamous wedding speech. Jenni also said Zack was great with her kids and they really loved him.

Vinny may be swearing off randoms, but it looks like his roommates spent quarantine getting cozy in their relationships.

The new season filmed the cast — along with their significant others and immediate family — and it looks like fans will get a closer look at their favorite cast members’ “new” relationships.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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