Video surfaces of Stevie J and Faith Evans arguing – He accuses the singer of cheating amid divorce report

Stevie J and Faith Evans get into a heated verbal exchange; however, it is unclear whether it was before or after he filmed for divorce. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/ImagePressAgency

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J filed for divorce from singer Faith Evans last week, and a video has surfaced of the pair in a heated argument.

As previously reported on Monsters & Critics, Stevie J filed for divorce from Faith Evans in Los Angeles last week after three years of marriage.

They did not release a statement, but Evans posted a video on her Instagram account of the pair doing cartwheels on the beach, seemingly hinting that they reconciled.

They both have children from previous relationships. Evans was married to iconic rapper Biggie Smalls.

Stevie J worked with the late rapper as a music producer and had a relationship with Joseline Hernandez – they starred together on LHHATL for several seasons.

Stevie J accuses Faith Evans of cheating in their bed

Stevie and Faith engaged in a heated, profanity-laced argument, in which he accused the I’ll Be Missing You singer of cheating.

“I hate you,” she says in the video repeatedly, adding “please leave me alone,” pleading with the former  Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star to leave her alone.

 As the couple cuss at each other, the 50-year-old accuses her of having an affair in their home.

As he continued to record the heated exchange, Stevie asked his wife if she was happy about her decision, to which she replied, “Umm-hmm.”

“All I did was love you, and you did that to me?” the music producer says as Faith returns to bed. He continues to grill her about cheating.

As Faith tried to de-escalate the situation while lying in bed, Stevie came to her and began touching her.

“How can you do that me?” the music producer repeatedly says as Evans pleads with him not to touch her.

“Here you go with your dumb shit,” she says in response to his cheating accusations, adding: “Grow the f**k up, this is not what I want to be bothered with, get the f**k out.

The video cuts off as the argument continues. It is unclear when the video was recorded or whether it was before or after the couple seemingly got over their issues.

Joseline Hernandez previously accused Faith Evans of cheating

The former LHHATL star blasted Faith Evans in response to an interview. The singer appeared on the OWN series Behind Every Man, in which she describes her hesitation in getting a relationship with Stevie due to his relationship with Joseline. Hernandez fired back, accusing Evans of stealing Stevie from her and cheating on him.

“[Faith] cheated on [Stevie] with young ni**as and you do all the time,” she wrote.

Faith and Stevie’s relationship status is unclear as neither of them has reacted to the release of the video or divorce report.

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