Vicki Gunvalson bashes Braunwyn Windham-Burke again, says fans ‘don’t relate to her chaos’

RHOC alum Vicki Gunvalson
Former RHOC Housewife Vicki Gunvalson has come after Braunwyn Windham-Burke again claiming that she’s unrelatable. Pic credit: ©

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson has more to say about Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s latest revelations.

The OG caught wind of Braunwyn’s latest admissions surrounding the current state of her marriage to husband, Sean Burke, and had a couple of opinions of her own.

Vicki’s comment was made on a post by Reality Blurb that highlighted RHOC’s newcomer, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, and her judgment on Braunwyn’s confessions.

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Vicki says she agrees with Elizabeth

Elizabeth took to her own Instagram with a re-post of an article that headlined Braunwyn’s confession that she’ll be heartbroken if and when Sean moves on with another woman.

Naturally, many fans wondered how Braunwyn could have such a double standard considering she’s already in another relationship with her girlfriend, Kris.

Elizabeth is one of those who feel that Braunwyn is being hypocritical, and now everyone knows that Vicki agrees.

In her comment, Vicki stated, “Someone once told me….Fame is like a drug…they are both bad. Brown wind [Braunwyn] has gone way too far. Middle America doesn’t relate to her chaos. For that matter, who does? I agree with you Elizabeth.”


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Elizabeth calls out Braunwyn for her hypocrisy

RHOC fans got a glimpse of where Braunwyn stands with her castmates, in particular Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

Elizabeth’s Instagram post caption didn’t hold back when it came to Braunwyn’s choice to remain married while dating a woman.

The post came after a series of Instagram Stories posted by Braunwyn where she confessed that when the time comes for Sean to move on and fall in love with someone else, she will be “heartbroken.” 

Braunwyn also confessed that she’s a jealous person, which isn’t something she appreciates about herself.

A fan asked her, “Do u think u will/do struggle with jealousy when it comes to Sean and other women?”

“Yes, absolutely. I am kind of a jealous person,” Braunwyn admitted. She continued to explain that that is part of the reason she and Sean are currently in therapy.

“And it’s not a good quality I have and I know that and I’m working on it,” she confessed.

Well, that wasn’t enough for Elizabeth. She proceeded to call Braunwyn out and question her decisions.

“Didn’t she just announce she’s NEVER been attracted to him EVER & she’s ‘SLEEPING WITH WOMEN’! Acceptable behavior because she calls it a ‘modern marriage’ or extremely narcissistic & hypocritical…Thoughts?” Elizabeth captioned her post.

It seems like Braunwyn is on the outs with more than just one of the RHOC women.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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