Vanderpump Rules: Charli Burnett blasts co-stars, claims not to ‘like anybody’

Charli Burnett.
Charli Burnett slammed her Vanderpump Rules co-stars and claims not to like any of them following the filming of Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Charli Barnett is seemingly not enjoying her time being part of the Pump Rules group — at least not as far as Season 10 is concerned.

The relatively new addition to the cast has been having a tough time finding her spot amongst her castmates, which isn’t at all surprising given that anytime a newbie joins the cast, the longtime personalities put them through the wringer.

However, give them a couple of seasons (if they last), and eventually, everyone settles in with their own friends and manages to pick a side.

In Season 9 of the hit Bravo show, Charli found herself quickly at odds with longtime cast member Lala Kent.

Charli attempted to open up to Lala and express how her comments about Charli’s eating habits were triggering. Of course, Lala wasn’t as receptive as Charli had hoped.

Following filming for Season 10, it seems Charli may still be trying to find her groove with the group, but she’s not loving some of her co-stars.

Charli recently took to TikTok Live to air out her grievances, and she made no secret about where she currently stands.

Vanderpump Rules star Charli Burnett claims she doesn’t ‘like anybody’ following Season 10 filming

Over on the popular social media app, Charli blasted one co-star in particular — Scheana Shay.

During the Live, Charli shared, “The tea for next season is I don’t f**king like anybody. That’s the tea. And Scheana [Shay] is a f**king loser.”

The clip was captured and re-shared on a fan Instagram account.

Though her words were pointed, this isn’t the first time Charli has been at odds with Scheana, and with her most recent rant, it seems they’ve yet to actually settle their beef.

Charli Burnett and Scheana Shay previously feuded over television installation

Charli and Scheana previously engaged in a heated social media exchange after Charli revealed Scheana’s then fiance, Brock Davies, had tried and failed to mount a television in her apartment.

The initial segment made its way into Season 9 when Brock tried to break a time record for mounting a television. Though he managed to break the record, Charli took to Twitter, sharing that the victory was short-lived when the television came crashing down just hours after it was installed.

Charli thought it was all in fun, but Scheana wasn’t having it and came after Charli, claiming she knew what she was getting herself into and that Brock lacked the tools to properly install the television at the time.

“Oh god scheana it’s a joooookkeee did you sit all night mad about this and we did ?? but legit its funny! Not that deep boo,” Charli tweeted in response.

Viewers will have to tune in when Season 10 drops to see what new drama has brewed between the co-stars.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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