Vanderpump Rules: Brock Davies says he’s paid off his child support debt

VPR star Brock Davies.
Vanderpump Rules star Brock Davies claims he’s paid off his child support debt. Pic credit: Bravo/@scheana/Instagram

Vanderpump Rules viewers spent a good portion of Season 9 learning more about Scheana Shay’s now-fiance Brock Davies. The New Zealand native came onto the scene proclaiming his love for Scheana and the family they were building together after welcoming their daughter, Summer Moon, in April 2021.

However, it wasn’t long before news spread that not only did Brock have two other children from a previous marriage, but at the time, he claimed he hadn’t seen or spoken to his children in over four years.

The admission had the Vanderpump Rules cast in a frenzy as they attempted to reconcile the “family man” with the knowledge that he had children he doesn’t speak with.

As it turns out, Brock now claims he has paid off his child support debt and cleared up any and all fees and penalties that came as a result of his failure to pay.

Brock Davies claims to have caught up and paid child support debt in full

While appearing on the #NoFilter podcast with Zack Peter, Brock opened up about his current child support situation and set the record straight.

According to Brock, the total amount owing for support of his two other children, Eli and Winter, wasn’t as significant as some had made it seem.

“It was only actually 23,000 Australian [dollars],” he shared. “The rest was late fees — or penalties. So, I got rid of that in the last four months. And then we cleared it up.”

Brock continued to state he’d finished paying off his debts at the beginning of February, though he wished he could have paid them “earlier” so he could celebrate the accomplishment with his Vanderpump Rules co-stars.

“I wanted to do that in December [2021] so that going into the reunion, I’d be like, ‘Guys, yes! I didn’t know about my child support, and then I found out about it, and then I covered it, and it’s done,’” he said. “But I couldn’t do that. I wish I could have earlier.”

Brock admits wanting his kids to attend his wedding, calls it a ‘long shot’

Although Brock has apparently paid off his child support debts, his hopes don’t end there. According to the father of three, he hopes to have Eli and Winter present for his upcoming wedding to Scheana, but he understands the chances of that happening are slim. However, the bigger picture for Brock seems to be rebuilding his relationship with his children one step at a time.

“Right now, I just want to work on phone calls, and then if I can go home once a month, I’ll fly home for the week. Like, for four days. Go home, see them on the weekend, come back here. That’s the ideal situation,” he admitted. “I don’t think you guys will see them at the wedding.”

Scheana agreed with Brock and added, “To ask them to fly out of the country, like, that’s a big ask,” she said. “I don’t think that is realistic.”

Brock’s children may not be in attendance when he finally ties the knot with Scheana; however, hopefully he’ll be able to repair his relationships enough that the family can find a way to blend in peace.

Vanderpump Rules is on hiatus.

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