Val Chmerkovskiy reveals what he plans to do after Dancing with the Stars

Oliva Jade and Val on Dancing with the Stars
Oliva Jade and Val on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

The word hit last week that Dancing with the Stars pro, Val Chmerkovskiy, was likely leaving the show after his elimination this season.

Many fans wondered why, with many speculations being baseless rumors.

However, Val had already said that he wanted to try to do other things outside of DWTS and now he is opening up about what he wants to do when he leaves the reality TV show.

Val on his post-Dancing with the Stars career

Val dismissed the baseless rumors on why he was leaving Dancing with the Stars but said that he will never stop dancing.

“I’m going to promote dance and whether it’s at Dance With Me or a local dance studio, go and dance,” Val said when he appeared on The Bellas Podcast today.

“That’s why I’m passionate about the show, whether the show moves on with me or without me, which I’m not saying it’s going to move on without me,” he added.

Val then said he wouldn’t leave with bad feelings because he loved Dancing with the Stars.

“I’m saying I love the show, genuinely, but I want to see it [continue] for a long time. It’s good for dance, it’s good for my passion, it’s good for my business. It’s good for life!” He exclaimed.

Val said last week that this was “probably” his last season on Dancing with the Stars. He also said there were no regrets and he would be finishing with a perfect partner in Olivia Jade.

Val will continue to dance after DWTS

As Val said, he will keep dancing, and even teaching people how to dance at Dance With Me or a local dance studio.

However, he also previously said he had other career aspirations outside of Dancing with the Stars.

“I just want to continue to grow creatively, I want to produce shows, I want to star on Broadway, I want to star in movies, I want to move on from [the show],” Val said.

“[Jenna and I] could collaborate together moving forward too, for sure. It doesn’t just have to be on this project, we could facilitate our own project,” he added.

If Val never returns to Dancing with the Stars, he will leave as the sixth longest-tenured Dancing with the Stars pro, with 17 seasons.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c. The Season 30 finale takes place on Monday night, November 22.

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