Unpolished Season 2: Did Lexi Martone confirm another season?

Lexi Martone on Unpolished.
Lexi Martone may be back on the small screen soon. Pic credit: TLC

Unpolished has left viewers hanging for months. The show went out on a high note after only one season, but TLC has yet to announce whether they will be bringing back the salon-based drama focused around the Martone family.

There is plenty left to explore in the Unpolished world. Lexi and Bria were at odds over Matt Mancuso and his proposal to Bria. Lexi isn’t his biggest fan, and that was causing the two to be at odds. Will their relationship look different today?

Lexi may have confirmed Season 2 of Unpolished

On Instagram, fans of Unpolished have been asking Lexi and Bria when the show will return. There hasn’t been much information about the show since it’s ending, but it looks like there may be a reason for fans to celebrate.

Lexi Martone replied to a comment on Instagram and indicated that filming will begin when the “world stops ending.” That looks like it is a confirmation that a second season of Unpolished may have been ordered by TLC!

It makes sense that the network would want to be filming the Martone family. Not only for a follow up on where Lexi and Bria stand, but also for the upcoming wedding.

Bria and Matt are supposed to be getting married in the coming months. Despite all of the drama, it looks like these two will get their fairytale ending.

Lexi Martone's comment on Instagram.
Lexi Martone seemingly confirms Unpolished will be back. Pic credit: @leximartone/Instagram

The Martone’s loss

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Big Mike Martone had passed away. Bria shared the news on Instagram, revealing they were shocked about the news. Salon Martone also shared a post about losing the man they loved the most.

Mike Martone was part of Unpolished, surrounded by his daughters and wife who ran the salon. Foxy was also there, as her daughter and granddaughters worked alongside her. The loss of Big Mike will be felt when the show returns, especially when it comes to the relationships dynamic.

Unfortunately, details surrounding his death have not been made public. Unpolished fans have been commenting on Bria and Lexi’s posts sending their condolences since the news broke over the weekend.

As of now, TLC has not confirmed the return of Unpolished publicly. It looks like Lexi Martone confirmed that the show will resume once production can begin again. Everything has been put on pause with the coronavirus pandemic. Until things resume, Unpolished hangs in the balance.

Unpolished is currently on hiatus with no confirmed return date given by TLC.

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