Tyler on Counting On: Who is the little boy living with the Duggars?

Jim Bob, Tyler, and Jackson Duggar selfie.
Tyler and Jackson are incredibly close. Pic credit: @duggarfam/Instagram

Counting On viewers have been scratching their heads after seeing Tyler on the show last week. He isn’t a new face, but since he isn’t shown too often, some were confused about who he was and why he is with the Duggar family.

Tyler from Counting On is the son of Michelle Duggar’s niece, Rachel Hutchins. He came to be in the home with the Duggars in 2016, and since then, he has remained there. Initially, Michelle’s sister, Carolyn was raising Tyler but she had health issues, so the Duggars stepped in.

Even though Tyler is living with the Duggars permanently now and has adapted to life under Michelle and Jim Bob’s rules, he still sees his mother, Rachel. Her status was unclear but before her surrendering Tyler to her family members, she was arrested and on probation.

A few months ago, Tyler’s little brother passed away just a few weeks after he was born. Details surrounding it weren’t made available, but the Duggar family stepped in to help Rachel bury her little boy and threw a reception at the house after. Jill Duggar was slammed after she shared a photo of the infant’s casket on social media.

Since Tyler is just a little boy, he stays in the big house with all of the younger Duggar siblings. He has not filmed Counting On much, but the last two episodes have featured him quite frequently in confessionals. That is what prompted all of the questions surrounding the little boy and where he came from.

He will be a permanent fixture within the Duggar family moving forward, and it appears that he has adjusted well over the three years he has been in the home. Michelle and Jim Bob treat him like he is one of the children. Tyler will be appearing on Counting On, but how frequently remains to be seen.

Counting On airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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