Tyler Cameron speaks out about Clare shading Matt James

Matt and Tyler
Tyler Cameron is speaking out about Matt James and Clare Crawley. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron is speaking out about Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette.

The surprising turn of events that Clare’s season took is probably The Bachelorette’s worst-kept secret; although the season has yet to air, fans know that she quit the show after just 12 days of filming because she felt she had found the man for her.

But despite knowing the general outcome of Clare’s season, fans are still left with more questions than answers about what went down on the set. ABC hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors- the network wants the drama to play out on the small screen when the show returns this fall.

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Recently, Tyler spoke to US Weekly about Clare, her season, and the shade she threw Tyler’s best friend Matt James back in April.

Tyler Cameron is being accused of using his friends for fame

When US Weekly talked to Tyler about the situation, he revealed that he is happy for Clare if she has truly found love.

“So, here’s my thing, if Clare found love in 12 days [I] love that [and] I’m stoked,” Tyler revealed to US Weekly late last week. “That’s great.”

Even though Tyler is supportive of Clare finding love, he hasn’t let go of Clare’s tweet back in April that seemingly attacked Matt James for being on Cameo and using The Bachelorette platform to get attention.

Dale Moss, the man that Clare is reportedly engaged to, is also a Cameo user.

“She came at my boy a little bit, you know, that tweet,” Tyler explained. “And the funny thing is, is like Matt had a Cameo, but the guy she picked too had a Cameo. So, you know, it’s interesting.”

Tyler, who was dumped by Hannah Brown at the final rose ceremony, knows what the pressure is like after the finale. While he wasn’t the one who got engaged, he’s close friends with Hannah Brown now. Hannah may have told him what she went through with Jed Wyatt, the man she did end up engaged to. Hannah and Jed broke up after Hannah learned that Jed had kept a relationship secret.

“I wish [her] happiness because what comes with this show is tons of pressure after you start dating somebody,” he continued, adding, “So, I hope that Claire and whoever she picks are able to kind of work through that and get past that and really focus on each other. I wish them success. I wish them happiness.”

Even though Tyler said he’s happy for Clare for finding love, he also added that he believes that people need to go through the entire process of the show to make sure that they have indeed chosen the right partner. Clare quit after 12 days, so she was far from the final episode.

“If you can really make that decision off of, like, 12 days, whatever it is, like, and feel completely comfortable with it then, great,” he continued, criticizing Clare’s decision to pull the plug early. “But I think you need the whole experience to really kind of see it all through. You know, ask the tough questions and whatnot. So, I would encourage [him] to go all the way through with it. But if you know, you know.”

“Maybe she knows, you know, and like, that’s awesome. That’s even a better story,” he concluded. “They can go through all the BS. So hopefully that’s what it is.”

While Tyler has every right to speak out about his opinions, some fans believe that he’s only speaking out to further his own career. On social media, many questioned whether he had anything better to do than talk about his friends in the media.

Tyler Cameron
Tyler is being accused of using others to promote himself. Pic credit: @bachelorteadaily/Instagram

One user accused Tyler of being the “God of Bachelor” because he has so many connections. The fan expressed their belief that Tyler should not be speaking out about his friends in the media to gain attention.

Just last week, we reported that fans were angry with Tyler for starting a YouTube channel about himself, saying that they felt he was using Matt and Hannah for attention.

Two days prior to that, Tyler had dished on his current relationship with Hannah Brown. While the two are just friends and have closed the door on possible romances, Tyler did state that they had talked about marriage and had gone over “what ifs” in their relationship.

Fans got excited about a possible romantic relationship, but Tyler said that he had changed after his mom passed away suddenly.

Tyler Cameron blocks Bachelor fan account

As it turns out, Tyler may not feel the same way as this particular user. A short while later, the Bachelor fan account on Instagram @bachelorteadaily revealed that Tyler had blocked her on social media.

The user pointed out that Clare made her decision about those tweets back in April because she felt that Matt was using The Bachelorette franchise to bring attention to his Cameo, whereas Dale may not have done the same thing.

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron blocked a fan. Pic credit: @bachelorteadaily/Instagram

Tyler has yet to publicly speak out on the accusations that he’s using his friends to gain fame and attention for himself.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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