Tumi Mhlongo stands up for herself amid Natalya Scudder Below Deck Med tension

Tumi Mhlongo on Below Deck Med Season 8
Tumi isn’t here for the haters. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med star Tumi Mhlongo has stood up for herself as the on-screen drama with Natalya Scudder explodes.

After missing the first charter due to visa issues, Tumi arrived on the Mustique luxury yacht near the end of the recent Below Deck Med episode.

The show ended with Natalya and Tumi clashing with a To Be Continued cliffhanger.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Tumi was blasted by Below Deck Med fans for her behavior with the second stew.

However, things aren’t always as they seem, and Tumi has used social media to defend her actions.

The chief stew also shut down claims that Kyle Viljoen poisoned her against Natalya.

Below Deck Med star Tumi Mhlong defends herself amid Natalya Scudder on-screen drama

Tumi took to Twitter to give her take on what went down with Natalya during their conversation, as well as to clap back at some of the trolls.

“She 100% interpreted differently but also wasn’t given the chance to speak the way I would have like to We were going around in circles and I realized I’m not going to win this You also seeing 1min out of a 5min conversation Allow it to play out✨,” Tumi tweeted.

Tumi tweets about Natalya
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

The Below Deck Down Under alum has gotten a lot of heat for what appears to be her listening to Kyle about Natalya. It’s not a secret that Natalya and Kyle had their issues on Season 7 of Below Deck Med.

However, Tumi insists Kyle did not poison her against anyone.

“Thank you 😘 and i keep seeing Kyle ‘sabotaged’ I just want it to be known natalya + him were were on good terms, hence she wanted to room with him!! Did he mention a lil about his season with her absolutely, but not enough to formulate an opinion about her !!” she wrote.

Tumi slams claims Kyle poisoned her against Natalya
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

However, the latest spoilers for Below Deck Med Season 8 Episode 3 tease Tumi complains to Kyle about Natalya after their heated chat. Tumi comes for Natalya, and she lets Kyle know that while he instantly sides with the chief stew.

Tumi Mhlongo has a message for Below Deck Med fans

Even before the season started, Tumi had a message for Below Deck Med fans, reminding them to be kind.

Ahead of the most recent episode, Tumi had some more words for Below Deck Med viewers.

“Happy #belowdeck Monday ⚓️ Remember to let things play out … you will all be pleasantly surprised 🥲,” the chief stew tweeted.

Tumi has message for Below Deck Med fans
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

There’s plenty more Below Deck Med Season 8 to play out. The season is only two episodes in, which means so many twists and turns are coming.

Tumi Mhlongo just wants the haters to watch how the season unfolds before judging her.

What do you think of the Tumi and Natalya craziness?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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Esther Catherine Strauch
Esther Catherine Strauch
9 months ago

Tumi is going to be a big problem. Some people can’t handle being boss and it goes to their head, this is going to be her problem. Of course Capt. Sandy will take forever to do anything just like with Lexi.

9 months ago

Everyone deserves a chance, and if you listen to others before you meet that person and already judge them shame on you!! I’ve been a boss it’s a hard job and not everyone’s has different opinions and personalities!! That’s the bosses job to learn how to communicate with there employees.. my opinion I’ll learned the heard way glad I did!!