Below Deck Med fans sound off on Tumi ‘coming in hot’ at Natalya

Tumi Mhlongo and Natalya Scudder on Below Deck Med Season 8
Tumi made quite an impression on her Below Deck Med Season 8 premiere. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med fans are sounding off on the way Tumi Mhlongo came in guns a blazing, especially during her talk with Natalya Scudder.

Tumi was MIA for the first charter due to visa issues preventing her from entering Italy.

Captain Sandy Yawn brought in Natalya to fill in, but now, Tumi has boarded the Mustique yacht to take her place as chief stew.

However, things quickly went south when Natalya was showing Tumi around the boat, and Tumi basically called it a disaster.

That kicked off the beginning of the tense chat between Natalya and Tumi, which, based on the trailer, plays out all season.

Now, Below Deck Med fans are weighing in on Tumi’s first impression as a chief stew.

Below Deck Med fans sound off on Tumi Mhlongo ‘coming in hot’ at Natalya Scudder

Twitter was on fire after Below Deck Med, as fans had a lot to say about Tumi’s chief stew debut.

“Yo Tumi came in hot, but I get where she’s coming from the boat isn’t to her standard and she’s going to have to play catch up but also deal with what the current crew there is already used too. Like everyone else I agree Kyle got in her ear about Nat, it was A LOT,” read one tweet.

Another tweet agreed that Tumi was “coming in hot,” which was quite confusing to the user.

Tumi coming in hot tweet
Pic credit: @carlosdgomez_/@TafaraMav/Twitter

The sentiment was echoed even more with a tweet that used a GIF of Captain Lee Rosbach, which also talked about being disappointed in Tumi.

Oh yes, coming in hot was a theme when it came to Tumi.

“Tumi was a lot in her 1st 5 mins on air after arriving several days late, her attitude was not what I expected. Super disappointed w/her coming in hot & bothered! Wtf happened?? I liked her on BDDU. Her attitude & the way she’s coming off so quickly is sending me…” said a tweet.

A different tweet called out Tumi for going after Natalya, who was literally showing Tumi around the boat.

There was even a tweet accusing Tumi of letting the position of chief stew go to her head, as well as expressing disappointment in the Below Deck Down Under alum.

Tumi was also reminded that the way she came in was not how to gain the respect of her coworkers.

Along with Tumi being put on blast for her behavior, she was also under fire for clearly letting Kyle Viljoen influence her opinion.

Below Deck Med fans slam Tumi Mhlongo for listening to Kyle Viljoen

One user point blank stated Kyle’s influence was what had Tumi being so defensive with Natalya.

Another wondered what it was Kyle said that turned Tumi against Natalya before they even met.

The chief stew was called out for coming on the boat with an opinion of Natalya just because Kyle doesn’t like her.

Plenty of opinions about Tumi’s chief stew debut have surfaced on Twitter. However, there was something a lot of Below Deck Med fans could agree on.

The Natalya and Tumi drama is going to get old very quickly, just like it did with Natasha Webb.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Natalya revealed she clashed more with Tumi than she did with Natasha, and that says a lot about what Below Deck Med fans are in store for in Season 8.

What did you think of Tumi’s debut on Below Deck Med Season 8 as chief stew?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman
4 months ago

loved it, natasha deserved it.

4 months ago

Kyle is an a**hole he got into tumis head and before the season started Tumi didn’t give Natalia a chance now he acts all innocent. I can’t stand him and hope captain fires him!