Tristan Thompson talks to Kim Kardashian about reconciling with Khloe

Tristan Thompson on KUWTK
Tristan Thompson meets with Kim Kardashian to get advice about his relationship with Khloé. Pic credit: E!

In a sneak peek video released on Thursday for the upcoming 20th and final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Tristan Thompson makes a trip to Kim Kardashian’s house to talk about his ever-evolving relationship with her sister, Khloé.

So are they back together?

In the clip, NBA star Tristan ducks as he walks into Kim’s kitchen and seats himself. When asked how things are between him and Khloé, he replies, “Some days are good and some days, you know, she gets a little frustrated about, you know, what’s going on with the media…”

Khloé is concerned about what others think of her relationship

The two get into a deep conversation about whether Tristan and Khloé should stay together. Kim interrupts him and chimes in saying that she doesn’t think Khloé is even as concerned with her and Tristan’s past relationship problems, but more with how others perceive her.

Kim goes on to say that she thinks Khloé is “totally fine” with being in a relationship with Tristan, or else she wouldn’t be hanging out with him 24/7. Tristan agrees and replies with several consenting “yeahs” and uses the clever analogy that Khloé is carrying a suitcase of other people’s opinions and thoughts.

Kim reveals that she didn’t think Khloé was so vulnerable, but instead always thought she was “the tough Khloé who doesn’t give a f**k.” Tristan uses another analogy to explain that “you’ll never reach the finish line if you focus on pleasing the masses,” referring to Khloé, his on-again girlfriend, and mother of his daughter, True.

Tristan Thompson meets with Kim Kardashian to talk about his relationship status with Khloé. Pic credit: E!

Perhaps inferring that Khloé should be more like her brother-in-law, Tristan then references Kim’s husband, Kanye West, stating that Ye doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, doing things his way whether other people like it not. Tristan elaborates on Kanye’s mindset, saying “if you’re going to die, you’re going to die doing it your way.”

Tristan says about being with Khloé, ‘Just do it’

Tristan is adamant about being with Khloé, regardless of what anyone else thinks, saying, “just do it if it f**king makes you happy.” Kim agrees with Tristan’s views and her advice to Tristan is to do whatever works for them, and she suggests he just talk to Khloé and explain to her that he doesn’t want to “be this kept secret because she is so embarrassed.”

Tristan looks open to Kim’s suggestions and she asks him to keep her posted, to which Tristan replies, “you know I will.”

Tristan and Khloé have been rumored to be living together in quarantine and some fans even speculate the two are engaged. Khloé and Tristan have a somewhat complicated history including infidelity.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns on March 18 at 8/7c on E!

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