Travis Barker blasted by critics for ‘disturbing’ visuals during Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy

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Travis Barker faced some criticism after sharing bloody visuals of a recent injury. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Kourtney Kardashian’s husband, Travis Barker, received backlash from plenty of critics after his recent visual amid his wife’s pregnancy.

The Blink-182 drummer and his wife anticipate their first child’s arrival later this year.

Kourtney and Travis’ big news was revealed during one of Barker and his band’s performances in the United States earlier this year.

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The couple also made headlines because Kourtney had to take an emergency trip to the hospital, with doctors performing prenatal surgery.

This pregnancy has led to Kourtney saying she was initially a “bit afraid” due to being more cautious than ever with her fourth pregnancy.

Meanwhile, as the couple await their baby’s arrival, online critics felt a recent social media share from Barker was too much, even calling it “disgusting.”

Travis Barker shares ‘bloody’ visual

On Tuesday, Barker took to social media to share several graphic posts on his Instagram Story.

One of those shows the Blink-182 drummer’s tattooed leg, including a tattoo of his wife’s eyes and eyebrows on his thigh.

However, Barker’s leg looks to have been bloodied up or scarred from an injury of some sort. That injured area extends above the tat of Kourtney’s eyes toward Barker’s knee.

“Blood all over @kourtneykardash’s eyes,” Barker wrote in small dark text at the bottom of his Instagram Story image.

travis barker shows tattoos and injury on leg
Travis Barker shared an image of his leg tattoos and injury. Pic credit: @travisbarker/Instagram

In another post, Barker shared several more graphic images, including a video clip featuring him shirtless with a bloodied left hand and blood-stained pants leg.

“F***in hell,” someone in the car says after a female voice is heard saying, “Oh my God.”

In another Instagram post on Barker’s account, he showed photos with the band, images of himself drumming, and a video of himself riding in a vehicle with the bloody injury.

Fans reacted to the Blink-182 star’s latest performance and the gruesome injury.

One individual asked what happened, with another telling them it was due to “blisters from drumming” and called the injury “insane.”

Another commenter explained that it was dried blood, which seemed like a burn, and “Usually looks worse than it is.”

travis barker injury comments
Pic credit: @travisbarker/Instagram

According to The US Sun, there is also a Reddit thread in which commenters blasted the musician for sharing images of the “disgusting” injury. As of this report, the Reddit thread criticizing the drummer isn’t visible online.

“Um, what is this? I already know that Travis is a creep, but this is straight up disturbing,” a Redditor wrote, per The Sun.

“Another day, another injury for attention. Now that the tour’s over he’s going to need to work extra hard for attention. Poor lil man child. Boo f**ing hoo,” another said, per the publication.

Barker is currently touring with his band. As Monsters and Critics reported weeks ago, the singer and his band had to postpone shows in Europe so he could fly home to be with Kourtney during her health scare and emergency surgery for the baby.

It’s another injury for Barker to add to recent injuries sustained while drumming. During rehearsals within the past several months, the Blink-182 star also dislocated and broke a bone in his ring finger.

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